10 universities in the economy, which really give the best education

10 universities in the economy, which really give the best education

Asset management, budget planning, audit – for those who are not in the subject, it all sounds like a spell. So it is, the financiers are some kind of wizards. While most are puzzled by how to make money, financiers know how to manage this money.

Well, and since the amounts are sometimes beyond, in this magic you need to understand well. Did you manage to cope well, as elsewhere, will determine your dissertation writing process and its evaluation, respectively.

So where are the financiers taught? The top ten universities in the world included universities in England, the United States and Australia.

Harvard University, USA

Whatever one may say, Harvard University has consistently high ratings in almost all specialties. Now, in the field of finance and accounting, it comes first. Yes, training there is not cheap. For foreign students and graduate students – about $ 40,000 per year.

By the way, American students pay the same, so there is no separation. But, believe me, it’s worth it, because the salaries of the financiers who graduated from Harvard are high and allow you to pay off the loan. In addition, the university provides grants and grants.

University of Oxford, England

Another university is a dream and a regular at the top of the rankings. And, of course, in Oxford study finances. It’s no secret that studying in England is not cheap. But here’s a surprise – the curriculum for finance in Oxford is cheaper than in Harvard.

In terms of dollars, it turns out that foreign students and graduate students have to pay $ 30,000 a year. Citizens pay half as much. But, again, you can apply for a scholarship. Suddenly lucky.

London School of Economics and Political Science, England

In comparison with large universities, the school is considered small. But its research base is very high. In addition, the LSE produces high-level financial practitioners.

Yes, the field for activities is somewhat narrower than in Oxford – there are fewer directions and programs. But quality, believe me, does not suffer. Foreigners, however, will have to pay twice as much as citizens. In terms of dollars – $ 24,000-28,000 per year.

University of Cambridge, England

Cambridge is an unofficial rival and at the same time a fellow Oxford. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and the world. But, here, when it comes to teaching finance, researchers put it only in fourth place in the overall ranking.

And this despite the fact that Cambridge offers more opportunities for research than, for example, ranked third in the LSE. The training in Cambridge will cost students and graduate students $ 26,000-28,000 per year.

Stanford University, USA

The main advantage of this university is its location. Stanford is in the heart of Silicon Valley. The university cooperates with large companies, and their financiers actively work with students.

This also means the opportunity to practice in leading companies in the world market. For such joy, of course, have to pay. Training costs $ 40,000-42,000 a year. However, we do not forget about scholarships and grants.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Massachusetts is considered the scientific and cultural area of ​​America. It has a huge number of universities. So, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is very respected. And the sixth place in the ratings he gets only for two reasons. Firstly, this is not the largest university in the country.

And, secondly, it focuses mainly on engineering and robotics. However, MIT also has other programs, including finance. And since the university is located in a large industrial center, the financiers there are trained at a high level. It costs $ 42,000-44,000 per year.

London Business School, England

Quite a young school. By world standards, a very small, almost chambered university. There are not many directions and courses in it. But the main plus of LBS is a large number of international programs.

So, for foreign students this can be a good option. True, training is not cheap. In translation for dollars – about $ 55,000 per year.

The University of Melbourne, Australia

The largest of all universities, included in the top 10 for the study of finance. Well, and since it is one of the largest universities in the country, it has many programs, directions and specializations. As they say, “choose – I do not want.”

As for the cost, the students of all countries are equal and pay an average of $ 35,000 per year. But, graduate students in unequal conditions. Citizens have to pay $ 8,000 a year, and foreigners – $ 34,000. But there are also saving scholarships and grants.

University of Chicago, USA

In general, in all respects, the University of Chicago is identical to the University of Melbourne. They are even in the international ratings put the same points. So, you just have to decide which “financial far” is closer to you: Australia or America?

Most likely, fans of films about Chicago will choose America. Well, or go where they will receive a scholarship. True, here, if not a scholarship, then you will have to pay more than in Melbourne. A year at the Chicago University costs $ 42,000-46,000.

University of New South Wales, Australia

Another Australian university, ranked in the top 10 for studying finance. A huge university with a large research base. It has many international programs, which, of course, is important. Directions and specializations, too, as much as you like.

By and large, UNSW, which closes the top ten, can be considered as the most real way for admission and the receipt of a diploma. Prices, as in Melbourne – $ 32,000-34,000 per year.