Pope Benedict – legal gate veritatis

Pope Benedict – legal gate veritatis

During my work on the book: The lust for Gold, I was able to look deep into the different for the mythology-so-important developments in the gold area. Since it was clear to me very quickly, that only in Religion the beginning of the way of a holistic view of the Gold is possible. While this point of view and my studies, I am also deep in the mind of Prof. Ratzinger pre-poking. He who has become by the election to the chair of the Bishop of Rome and successor of St. Peter to the Pope, has never removed from his professorial teaching. So he was to shepherd a of probably theologically the most head of the Catholic Church. In the process, he held always to his Bishop’s motto: legal gate vertitatis – employees of the truth.

To him, the balancing act between preservation and renewal. Even if the media showed on the surface, the image of the Keeper, as he has been from the first day of his pontificate of a Pope.

  • He has taken the Tiara (the triple Golden triple crown) from his coat of arms,
  • new communication media (e.g., Twitter) is established, and now
  • by his resignation of the 2,000 year-old Institution of the Church, a door opened for new possibilities.

This is all tied in to the continuity of values and consciousness before the great Tradition and of the deep spirituality of faith. He joins in the great procession of his predecessor, which have steered the Ship of Peter safely through the time. That he now, for health reasons, because the old presses and the power is not there like a few years ago, a New power, speaking for more than just short-term. There are also some Corporate leaders and politicians, shows a way, it is worth to go.

Ask yourself, what has this to do with the Pope, actually, with Gold? To read but, in my new book: The greed for Gold is the answer.

Article image: Katharina Wieland Müller / pixelio.de Video: N24