The special responsibility of the executives

The special responsibility of the executives

The times have become hard in the company. An increasing number of workplaces are exposed to constant Changes and sales challenges. How does the Management and, in particular, the supervisor with this phenomenon?

It is not a coincidence, it really is frequently the managers, the entrepreneurs and managers that are pointed out in the publications on business ethics on individual responsibility (eg. in the book “Ethical Management”, ed. v. Brink/Tiberius, or in the “encouragement for managers,” ed. by the Pontifical Council for justice and peace).

This is logical, because the responsibility of the Power depends on the consequences for other produce to can. “Management is the art of make decisions that affect others”. The Power of the managers to make decisions with vital consequences for many people to meet, also imposes a special responsibility in this regard.

Moreover, the employees see the executives of a significant reference group for the ethical Standards that apply in the company. The behavior of managers and especially Top managers is observed in a wide variety of ways by the staff, discussed, and reflected and seems to have, in practice, far more influence, as within the leadership literature is assessed. Poor examples ruin the morals. To the management ethics belongs to a consciousness for this model function. Despite this prominent position it are not the executives alone that matters.

Business ethics must also be of the employees lived.

This post is an excerpt from the new book on corporate ethics.

Die besondere Verantwortung der FührungskräfteHow can be implemented the business ethics as a Management responsibility? A stronger orientation of the corporate guide on the guiding principle of a life-serving economy is more and more demanded. Elisabeth Gödel discusses the philosophical foundations of ethics and clarifies the relationship of ethics and Economics. The focus is on the institutionalisation of ethics is on the level of the individual company.

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