How to make a review of the head when passing pre-diploma practice at the enterprise

How to make a review of the head when passing pre-diploma practice at the enterprise

Students who have undergone pre-diploma practice at the enterprise, need to submit to their educational institution the response of their leader. As a rule, this review is mandatory, and without it the student will simply not be allowed to defend the practice report. Moreover, the student, in the absence of a recall, may even not admit to the defense of the thesis.

Many enterprises are ready to accept students for practice, some of them approach this process very seriously, by creating conditions in which students receive much needed practical skills supplementing theoretical knowledge, and the organization, in turn, benefits from trainees. Some managers give tasks on writing research paper about the situation of the enterprise, in order to get a fresh look at the company’s economic situation.

However, it is not uncommon for students who come to practice to try to allow as little as possible to the activities of the organization, showing everything at a distance. In this case, both in the first and in the second case, the manager is required to write a review for each student and students who have passed the practice. Often it is more difficult to write a review than to organize the practice itself, since many questions arise: how to write, what to indicate, and so on. The experienced leader of such issues, of course, does not arise, but the corresponding experience is not at all.

Create a sample workpiece

The simplest option here is to ask the student to write everything himself, and then sign it, however this approach is not responsible and professional. Some educational institutions give students sent to businesses for internships, distribution with specially designated counts, in which the supervisor should write a review, then assuring them with a seal.

This option is not entirely convenient, so it’s best to make a special workpiece on the computer in the form of a MS Word file. The created template should contain all the requisites of the enterprise. In some cases, such preparations can prepare a university, respectively, the task of the head is only to fill them correctly.

Required review sections

So, if an institution needs to write a response in a well-regulated form, then, naturally, this requirement must be fulfilled. If there is no strict regulation, then you can use your standard workpiece. In this case, the review must contain a number of mandatory sections, frequency:

  • the name (full) of the organization in which the student was practicing. The title is indicated in accordance with the charter, and this section should also contain information about the division in which the practice was conducted, and the position of the student. It is also necessary to note the period of practice;
  • Information about the student who passed the practice, – passport data, the name of the institution where he studies, specialty, course, group and so on;
  • a separate item should list the types of specific works performed by the student during the period of practice, and list the tasks solved by him, as well as the acquired skills;
  • a list of issues studied by a student-oriented practice;
  • Conclusion on the results of the practice with the assessment of the trainee.

It should be emphasized that, when composing a response, the leader must observe objectivity and indicate in the recall not only the successes of the trainee, but also the mistakes made, if, of course, they were admitted. Information does not need to be embellished, because objectivity here must be put on the first place. However, if a student really deserves praise on the results of practice, then they should definitely be brought, as this will add additional advantages to him when defending the practice at the university.

It is not the student who needs to be evaluated here, but the work done by him during the period of the practice, it is necessary to assess the attitude of the trainee to the work performed by him at the enterprise, to assess his discipline and diligence, his ability to work in the team. It is quite possible to use the established clichés, pointing out that, for example, John showed himself in the course of his practice as a disciplined and conscientious employee, responsible and timely executing all the instructions of the leadership.