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Also in this tournament, the English are no friends of the penalty point. With a crossbar hit, and one of Buffon held shot the islanders in the game are subject to Italian selection ends with 2:4. But the British came to their chances and had their contribution to the fact that the fourth quarter-final was a remarkable Match. In contrast to the commentator, who couldn’t hide his Affection for the Italian Eleven and a English Chance in had forgotten the considerations, I am of the opinion that the English will not be undeservedly to the semi-finals would be drawn in; after all, you have to concede in 120 minutes no goal. Now Italy is, however, earns more, and meets next Thursday in Germany.

Between tip game after the quarter-finals: When the student leads in the overall standings Raxa before FM. The faculty remains resirobo continue to Pamphilus.

Important: Please, in the next two days, the two semi-final matches, tap.

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