growth market with a long Tradition

growth market with a long Tradition

Wachstumsmarkt mit TraditionThe health tourism has many facets: in addition to the Wellness and health holiday, Spa and rehabilitation tourism and medical tourism. All of these are promising growth markets for destinations. In order to secure the competitiveness of modern health destinations, there is a need to focus on many of the new market-oriented, dynamic processes. The new release of the health tourism of Matilde S. a Large to understand in this exciting field. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb.

The author provides in addition to the current supply and demand situation, in particular the operational tasks in the Management of health destinations as well as the organization and funding of this cooperative functions. It also gives an Overview of the international Situation of health tourism. There are many practical examples, illustrations and knowledge-boxes to help in quick understanding.

The book is aimed at students of (health)tourism. But it is also for practitioners, a helpful reading, want to get to know the modes of action of destination management and understand.

The Author:

Dr. Matilde Sophie Large lecturer at Harz University of applied Sciences for health tourism, Management of recreational facilities and Quantitative market research in tourism.

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Wachstumsmarkt mit Tradition



Matilde S. Large

Health tourism

1. Edition in 2017

195 Pages, Paperback

ISBN 978-3-8252-4668-6

€ (D) 19,99

ET March 2017