Why cyclists are the more successful Manager

Why cyclists are the more successful Manager

From interns to Board members on the road bike everything. The always self-generated Speed, the man brings himself to his own limits, but also the blind trust, if you rely completely on a new Team, make the bike unique.

We are not able to transfer a variety of experiences that we experience on the road bike, one-to-one to Business situations? And we would make more consistent decisions for us and our companies, when we as a leader in any Business Situation, the same “All-of-us-even-feeling” like on the road? The book of road Flow: Why road cyclists, the more successful managers are Julia Steiner is a Business Advisor, coupled with a poignant road-Spirit based enthusiasts on the long-term exchange of experience with international managers and Road bike. The book is published with UVK.

On the personal perspective of the author, in addition to the racing bike lovers Thommy Knaf, Felix Regehr and Michael von Seggern describe the most valuable Learnings from Guide, Manager and Business coach perspective, and let your own personal road bike Flow. The leadership coach Dr. med. Jörg-Peter Schröder

completes the counselor.


The Author Of

Warum Rennradfahrer die erfolgreicheren Manager sindJulia Steiner is a certified trainer and lecturer for Sales Management and transfers of your Flow on the transfer of knowledge and responsibility as the Director of Global Training, the development of international training academies, the build-up of expertise for the strategic, operational and cultural business change across all sales employees.

A rousing Spirit of the book, the author gives the training through their intense racing experience, the you enthusiasts in close collaboration with executives and Road bike understandable with the most important Business Insights, linked.


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Julia Steiner

The Road Flow

Why road cyclist are the more successful Manager

1. Edition in 2017

104 Pages, Hardcover

ISBN 978-3-86764-786-1

€ (D) 19,99

ET February 2017