Gold as a bridge to the future?

Gold as a bridge to the future?

Gold is the oldest and only one value of the attitude instrument in the world, which works at all times. This would have been the legendary king Croesus, not imaginary, as he had the first Gold coins shapes and use this as a means of payment.

Gold, which at all time with the word light in connection and, it is what people can get excited about. Through our socialization in Faith and education (The first spoken words of God in the Bible: let THERE be LIGHT), this is a deep in the people to find aspect. Therefore, it is not surprising that especially in these economically difficult times, which are characterised by uncertainty, Gold is a special function of the value of assets.

As recently reported, this year the South African gold mines, after all the long years of the largest Gold miners in the world (today, China), approximately 40% less. The reasons for this lie in the strikes of the workers. This leads to a further shortage on the world market and will continue to support the price of gold is expected to also have a positive effect.

But why the Gold is for investors, especially in Europe, currently so important?

In Germany, three generations currently live:

1. The Generation of our grandfathers, this paid for the two world wars and the associated problems.

2. The Generation of our fathers, this is paid for the reunification of Germany.

3. Our Generation. At us it is now for Europe and the Euro.

You look at this deeper, one finds quickly that it is a small price to pay for a guarantor for peace and freedom. A small price to pay for a free and liberal world. For the future, which can be designed by yourself.

But in this free and of globalization were also a factor in the world Gold is immanently important. It backs up the existing assets. Like an anchor which holds a boat safely, so Gold is the anchor investment for the Portfolio. It secures the family treasure and thus ensures a good and progressive future. It creates a bridge to our future projects and receives the already reached in its value.

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