blogging helps in your studies – and after that

It gives you, the enthusiastic and convinced bloggers among the business students. You are blogging on current economic policy issues, projects, companies, Events at your universities, but also about personal experiences during a stay abroad. You have set up your Blog, either under their own name, an economic issue, or even imaginative imaginative names.

You do something Good for yourself. Why? You write, you write spontaneously, you bring a topic to the point that they structure a topic intellectually. Why is it worth the effort? It is a methodical Exercise; the investment provides permanent Return: Not only in the case of fast fellow-rubbed in a lecture hall, or house work, also with their own summaries before the test, the exchange with fellow students to the currently processed case study and the answering of open questions in a test, the Student safer, faster, more efficient and more precise in its expression.

Bloggen hilft im Studium – und danachBut also beyond the academic studies – on the job or during the internship is to Write a client letter, a memo , a Meeting minutes or a quarter of a year report and easy easy. A potential employer knows the competences of the Bloggers appreciate this very well.

Now want to try after reading this blog post of a Student on a Blog – maybe even for the first Time. But that’s why a Blog design, make and unlock? Now, this is not necessary, because there is for Economics students, a home for individual blog posts: I study WiWi has a blog network by and for business students launched and is open for student bloggers.