Finally, a fair call?

Finally, a fair call?

Regina Kirschner writes in a Blog of the Bavarian radio about the first ethically made Smartphone – so that is possible to make Calls without having a bad Conscience.

Aware of consume has now arrived in the mobile phone market. Really?

It is possible that the entire value chain along with fair working conditions? From the mine workers on the ship and transport to the shop seller? Doubts are certainly appropriate. And the author expresses this also.

Fair Trade Germany, defined the conditions as follows: “In the case of products with the Fairtrade seal you have the assurance that the living and working conditions of farmers and workers through Fairtrade price and premium will be improved. In addition, exploitative children are forbidden to work and forced labour. Here you will learn how to trade in fair trade products in the works, and what organizations and associations are involved.“


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