Ebook-tip of the week: National accounts

Ebook-tip of the week: National accounts

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From the series Management, specifically:

National Accounts

Economics specifically

A. Behr, G. Rohwer

ISBN 978-3-86496-052-9

EUR 7,99

Day-to-day businesses and households to swap with each other: work for income, income for Goods and services. These economic transactions, the National accounts (NA). It represents the accounting of an economy and helps to determine the gross domestic product (GDP). This book provides a quick introduction into this exciting topic.

The tasks of the national accounts are explained in Detail, the circulatory scheme and, more specifically, the Economy presented circuits. In addition, the processes of formation, distribution and use of invoice, which will lead ultimately to the same result is received on the different methods for the calculation of the GDP. The book is aimed at students and lecturers of Economics as well as politicians and interested.