falls and falls and falls…

falls and falls and falls…

You won’t believe your eyes Yes. The price of gold drops in the past weeks. What’s going on here, think a lot of investors. The crisis in the financial markets is over? The economy upward? And why the gold is stagnating the price.

I would just like to say in advance that I can provide in this Blog is no final explanation for the currently on the market-observed phenomenon of the gold price. We summarize the current facts, and can decide for yourself how it goes.

  • The sovereign debt crisis is easing in recent months.
  • The problems that triggered the sovereign debt crisis, and the media, have not been addressed. Only by cheap money has not been trying to cure what is curable.
  • The risk aversion is decreased.
  • The risks of a rising Inflation more and more.
  • The economic Situation in the “southerners” has not changed, quite the contrary. In addition, the concern for the Situation in France and a global wave of Recession is coming.
  • The geopolitical security Situation has considerably deteriorated. Just by the Korea conflict, more problems will arise here.

Er fällt und fällt und fällt…


But why the price of gold does not rise? The above-mentioned facts (and these are only a few examples) speak for it, or?

You have to isolate the two core topics:

  • Gold as physical money memory:Here I am very sure that this function will never get lost. Therefore, this will always remain very important and also this function can recover.
  • Gold as an object of speculation, with large speculators on the Short currently seem to be on the go, who want to reduce all the gold price. Whether or not this banks, sales are also Central, etc., is not excluded.

It remains, therefore, more than exciting, where the precious metal will begin in the coming weeks of his journey.

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Sources: article image: Gerd Altmann/Hans Braxmeier/pixelio.de ; Chart: Thomson Reuters; Interview: BSTV