company to promote the moral competence of their staff

company to promote the moral competence of their staff

As the goal of staff development is the improvement of the moral (and sometimes moral, or ethical) expertise. Behind the various sub-skills, which complicates the substantive definition of the concept of hide.

The term “social competence” is

in part, as a parent, viewed, i.e., the moral competency is a Dimension of social competence. In part, he is also regarded as subordinate to it, i.e. the social competence is understood as a Dimension of moral competence, and it is with the understanding of competence

. Social and ethical competence, but are also seen as separate areas for staff development.

  • Moral sensitivity: competence (adequate) perception of moral problems
  • Moral judgment: is the competency meant, in a concrete Situation, a judgment about this form, what is the morally Good is
  • Moral Motivation: reasons for willingness to take moral Action in the practice
  • Communication competence (consisting of communication, cooperation, and conflict resolution skills): Forms the prerequisite for this is that moral conflicts in a multi-staff context in discourse can be solved

This post is an excerpt from the new book on corporate ethics.

Unternehmen fördern die moralische Kompetenz ihrer MitarbeiterHow can be implemented the business ethics as a Management responsibility? A stronger orientation of the corporate guide on the guiding principle of a life-serving economy is more and more demanded. Elisabeth Gödel discusses the philosophical foundations of ethics and clarifies the relationship of ethics and Economics. The focus is on the institutionalisation of ethics is on the level of the individual company.

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