A Happy Patient Shares Her Experience of Liposuction from Pristyn Care!

A Happy Patient Shares Her Experience of Liposuction from Pristyn Care!

A Happy Patient Shares Her Experience of Liposuction from Pristyn Care!

My name is Aadya. I recently underwent the VASER liposuction from Pristyn Care in Delhi 4 months ago. I weighed over 90 kgs with stubborn fat accumulated in my thighs and abdomen. I tried various diets, supplements, intense workout and rigorous weight loss procedures but none of them helped me get into shape. Here is my story of undergoing VASER liposuction and getting rid of the fat pockets permanently.

Unable to get rid of Stubborn Fat

I am 24 years old. Over the past couple of years since I left home for higher studies followed by a job, I gained weight considerably. Initially ignoring the consequences, I continued with my unhealthy lifestyle of eating fast foods and not moving as much as possible. Eventually, it started showing on my body with my inability to fit into my favorite pair of jeans or dresses. My colleagues and friends started pointing out the fat deposits around my waist and calves. Frankly, it embarrassed me and I stopped socializing with them. Gradually, I stopped talking to people and going out. My performance at work took a dip as I lacked confidence and was extremely cautious what people may be talking about me.

Seeing me depressed, my mother pumped me again into losing weight. The next 3 months, I rigorously followed a particular diet and regularly visited the gym. I gave up all my cravings and worked out for more than 2 hours in hope that I’ll get back in shape soon. Truth to be told, I lost around 4 kilos but I was still not satisfied with my body shape. After this, my mother suggested I undergo a liposuction procedure in Delhi that can help get rid of fat from targeted areas. I thought of giving it a try. But finding the right clinic and doctor was extremely important or else I have to bear the consequences.

Consultation With Doctor

A friend suggested Pristyn Care clinic in Delhi whose husband underwent gynecomastia treatment from there. At first, I was skeptical of consulting with them. I checked the Pristyn Care website and read about their services thoroughly. Although I was still in two minds, I booked an appointment at the nearest clinic.

I reached the clinic at the stipulated time. They were maintaining every standard of hygiene for protection. The clinic staff was wearing masks and regularly sanitizing the equipment and common area. One of them informed me that I can visit the doctor as my appointment was pre-booked. I met with the doctor who was extremely patient and courteous. He listened to my needs intently and asked me relevant questions. I was able to communicate with him freely. After physical examination, he suggested that I should choose to undergo VASER liposuction.

When I asked him about the same, he explained that “We rely on the latest VASER technique liposuction. This is the most-advanced surgical procedure in which the doctors make several incisions. After this, the doctors insert several probes that emit the ultrasounds waves that break the stubborn fat cells from the body.” He further explained that the whole procedure is performed under the influence of anesthesia hence, I wouldn’t be able to feel any pain. Also, with proper precautions for 3 weeks, I would experience desired results. Convinced with his explanation, I decided to undergo the surgery.

Before The Surgery

The medical coordinator called me regarding the payment option. As I already researched regarding the total expense of liposuction, I hope that the surgery would burn a big hole in my pocket. Fortunately, the medical coordinator told me that they have an option of zero cost EMI. He also confirmed that they also provide free pick up and drop facilities on the day of the surgery, a private room, food for the family member and follow-up visit within the quoted amount. I heaved a sigh of relief that I won’t have to pay the expense at one go. He took care of the required paperwork.

I completed all the necessary diagnostic tests and stopped drinking. In addition to this, as per the doctor’s instructions, I stopped taking any supplements before the surgery.

On the day of Liposuction

On the day of the surgery, I woke up nervous. As per the doctor’s recommendation, I skipped breakfast because I had to be on an empty stomach to lower the anesthesia risks. I took a quick shower as I didn’t want to be late. I got ready and arranged all the necessary papers. I was already feeling anxious thinking about the amount of forms and paperwork I have to complete for the admission process. While thinking about this, the medical coordinator informed me that the cab was waiting for me at my doorstep. Me and mother got into the cab which took us to the hospital without any delay.

We reached the hospital on time. All my anxiety subsided when I saw that a Care Buddy from Pristyn Care was waiting for us. To my utter surprise, he took care of the admission process and completed all the necessary paperwork. After this, we were taken to our private room. It was well-ventilated and hygienic. The hospital staff and doctors were wearing masks and PPE. also, they were maintaining all standards of hygiene to reduce the risk of virus contamination. The nurse helped me prep for the surgery. They conducted several tests to check parameters and then I was sedated by an anesthetist.

After The Surgery

For the initial 24 hours, I rested properly as I felt groggy and tired due to anesthesia. I followed the doctor’s instructions word-to-word during the entire recovery of 4-6 weeks. But it’s important to clarify that the instructions helped me to cope with the swelling and discomfort.

Here are some additional tips that I took that helped me with the pain and other side effects for the initial 3 weeks-

  • Didn’t perform any kind of vigorous exercise or physical activity
  • Went for follow up without fail
  • Ate a nutritious diet which included fiber-rich foods, lots of nuts, and whole grains
  • Kept myself hydrated by drinking soup, fresh juices, water, broths, etc
  • Didn’t itch near the dressing even if I felt like
  • Neither rubbed nor massaged the wound area
  • Rested for 8-9 hours on a daily basis
  • Didn’t wear tight-fitting clothes

It’s been 4 months of liposuction, I am still recovering but the wounds have healed completely. I have started working on the pectoral muscles with some mild chest exercises and brisk walking as cardio for 20 mins. I have resumed work within a week of the liposuction but took extreme care while moving. The results are coming as I expected and all because of doctors from Pristyn Care in Delhi. I now flaunt my body with confidence.