RCCBs For Smart Homes: Here’s Why You Need Them

RCCBs For Smart Homes: Here’s Why You Need Them

RCCBs For Smart Homes: Here’s Why You Need Them

All our homes are powered by electricity, whether be it traditional homes or smart homes. Mostly every appliance and device that you use run on electricity. Even though electricity is particularlyessential for surviving in today’s world, if proper electrical planningis not implemented, then it can give rise to hazardous situations.

For example, a simple 500mA current can cause an immediate cardiac arrest, which can also result in the death of the person if they come in contact with live electricity.Similarly, if an individual comes into contact with 70-100 mA current, then it can lead to a condition called cardiac fibrillation, in which the heart begins to vibrate and no longer beats as per its constant rhythmic state.

Human Protection Against Electric Shocks

Now that you know some of the implications that electricity can have, you can very well understandthat the amount of current flowing around us can put your lives in danger. Usually, you purchase a surge protectorto protectyour valuablegadgets and appliances in your smart homes, but it does nothing about human safety. So, what can be done to ensure protection against electrical incidents?

In case you are questioning whether there is any security solution for enabling human safety, then you need to about an actual switchgear device that is dedicated to protecting humans from electrical jolts and leakages – RCCBs or Residual Current Circuit Breaker.

What Is An RCCB?

An RCCBs or Residual Current Circuit Breaker is a mechanical switching device that is intended to transmit and break current flows under standard service conditions. RCCBs alsoopens the contacts whenever the leakage current reaches a particular value under specified conditions, thus disabling the current flow.

RCCB is also commonly known as ELCB, which helps safeguard human lives against deadly electric shocks and also provides protection against fire that can result due to earth faults.Mainly, RCCB enables protection to humans against the dangers of electrocution. But how does it work?

RCCBs continually detect the minor currents flowing to earth and thusreduces the risk of electrocution. Similarly, RCCBs also offer protection against indirect contact with electrical currents. Note that overload current protection devices like an MCB that you can find in almost every other house that does not promptly act on minor earth leakage currents. This is where RCCBs make for a better choice.

Protection Devices: RCCB Vs. MCB

If you talk about house fires that resulted due to faulty wiring, then it is important to know that most house fire incidents are triggered by the electric current that flows into the earth. Even a small faulty current such as 1Acan start a fire. So, if you are looking for a versatile electrical protection for smart homes, then you need to understand the importance of RCCBs.

Usual household overload protection devices such as the MCB is not designed to detect such small levels of current. Anappropriate RCCB fitted into smart homescan effortlessly detect such faulty currents and instantaneously interruptsits supply, hence reducing the risk of fire right from the start.

Although an MCB is essential for any smart homes’ electric system to attain protection for devices and appliances, an RCCB is crucial to achieving protection for human life.

Why You Need RCCBs For Your Homes?

Whether you enjoy the conventional home design or are exploring options to upgrade your house into a smart home, you will also first need to lay down the electrical fitting plan for it. So, when you plan the MCB fitting, also remember to include RCCBs while exploring options for smart homes planning.

RCCBs are essentially a kind of protective device that ensures electrical safety for your home. An accurately set RCCB ensures that there is no severe injury gets afflicted to a human being if they accidentally touch a live wire.Buying and fitting RCCBs brings you the following benefits:

  • Effortless monitoring as you get the earth fault indication on the front face of the device.
  • Improved immunity against frequent power trips and insurge.
  • Latest SI RCDs deliver increased immunity for electrical disruptions and corrosive conditions.
  • Ensures no accidental-physical contact with live wires.
  • Prevents false inclusion of cables and loose-fitted termination along with pull-up terminals.
  • Environmentally friendly as it is 100% recyclable and is made with recoverable materials.

Including such critical protection components into your electrical pans not only provides you with the assurance of human safety, but also enables efficient functioning of all your electricals, and saves you costs in the long run.

If you are confused asto which RCCB is suitable for your home, both traditional and smart homes, then it is recommended that you contact a licensed professional and discuss your requirements. This will ensure you make an informed decision to purchase the best of RCCBs and attain appropriate protection.