Daily Archives: 2018-08-22

What is Economics?

People want to satisfy their needs. About our basic needs, we strive for safety, for belonging to groups and for self-realization. Only part of these needs are economic in nature. And only these can be met by the consumption of Goods and services. Economists refer to Goods and services than goods. Goods according to different […]

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social standards for workers

What is behind Social Accounting (SA) 8000? SA8000 is an international Standard with the aim of improving working conditions of workers. Launched by the NGO Social Accountability International (SAI), it serves primarily the TRANS-national companies as a minimum requirement for Social and labour standards thus complementing management systems such as ISO 9000 or 14000. For […]

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Eisenhower-principle – of- success method for students

A variety of studies to be done, the Work of the students is not based on the importance of a task, but to his preferences – they are afraid of, e.g., the Unknown and the Unpleasant. In short: The most Important thing is not done first. The Eisenhower decision principle or the Eisenhower rule, and […]

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