social standards for workers

social standards for workers

What is behind Social Accounting (SA) 8000?

SA8000 is an international Standard with the aim of improving working conditions of workers. Launched by the NGO Social Accountability International (SAI), it serves primarily the TRANS-national companies as a minimum requirement for Social and labour standards thus complementing management systems such as ISO 9000 or 14000.

For the certification company to report independently and in the SAI. In contrast to national laws and regulations and is based on the voluntary decision of the company. The basis of conventions of the International labour organization (ILO) and the United Nations. Most of the standard in the field of clothing and textile industry is widely used. In order to receive the certificate, a company must meet the following requirements:

– no child labour

– no use of forced labour

– no discrimination

– no physical or psychological punishments

– Restrictions on the working hours

– a low level of wages

Minimum standards in the area of health and safety at work

Unions allow

– further requirements to the Management

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