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What makes a project a project?

The ultimate 5 characteristics of a project In the literature there are numerous Attempts to define the term “project”. It goes back to the Latin origin of the word (proiectum = the forward Cast), so the essential features of the projects are already visible. Today, in scientific publications, v. a. the following project characteristics are […]

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The right mixture makes the difference

Rödiger Voss is a lecturer at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich and management of learning and scientific teaching, especially in Work. He’s just in time for the new Semester, wrote the book “Studi-Coach: Study for beginners”, the students should lead to optimal academic success. Students lining has brought a few helpful tips.   // Studentenfutter: […]

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Never – self-dealing transactions are prohibited

§ 181 of the German civil code prohibits self-dealing transactions by the representative. These are transactions that the representative enters into with himself. When you self-contract, the representative is on one side of the contract in its own name, on the other, in foreign name. Example: V authorized S car to sell. S, which required […]

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is Sinking Europe in the debt?

The United debt of Europe to, joking in the face of the great debt fight some enemies in Europe. The Euro is a failure and only a re-nationalisation would provide a remedy to remember this. The common house of Europe would be from the basement to the first floor, in the water. This is really […]

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On 31.08.2012, passed away, the Economist and former chief economist of Deutsche Bank AG Dr. Norbert Walter. Dr. Walter was, and remains, one of the leading Economists of our time. With To – and farsightedness, as well as a lot expertise he has estimated to always be the overall economic Situation and evaluated. His statements […]

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