The right mixture makes the difference

The right mixture makes the difference

Rödiger Voss is a lecturer at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich and management of learning and scientific teaching, especially in Work. He’s just in time for the new Semester, wrote the book “Studi-Coach: Study for beginners”, the students should lead to optimal academic success. Students lining has brought a few helpful tips.


// Studentenfutter: living and Learning under one roof – there is a patent recipe?

// Voss: Learning is always a part of life. Our brain between “life” and

“Learn switches” as desired. Generally speaking, there is no patent recipe, we are

People are too different. The learning method that works with the one, when you can

the other completely wrong. Each student must, therefore, individual a,

optimal solution found, as he life his studies as value as possible


// Student food: If you are in your study time, look back, would you today, do something differently?

// Voss: all in All, my studies perfectly. I have set myself back then, always goals that I could meet all of them. Therefore, I was generally very satisfied. Possibly I would have been able to inform myself about learning techniques, the learning time

shorten and thus have more time for things I enjoy. My

Self-marketing, I would operate differently, but with Facebook and co. it has

to present nowadays, different opportunities, and his skills.

// Student food: Speaking of self-marketing: more and more employers learn about the candidate in social networks. What is the significance of self-marketing during my studies?

// Voss: It has a very high priority, even if it is safe for the study directions slightly varies. For the economist it may be more relevant than it is for the teacher candidate. Should neglect the self-promotion, but in no case. These should not be exaggerated or fake, you must always remain authentic. You see, you can do the self-marketing also a lot wrong.

// Student food: “order is half of life” – what do you think of this proverb?

// Voss: The study of life, in stories or on television as messy and free. Chaos costs time and nerves. A good study of organization pays off, always. Who sets the sections from the very beginning, milestones and targets for individual study, in the end will be more successful than someone who has not thought about what he would like to have achieved at what time. An efficient appointment management the A and O in a study.

// Student food: Tell us two Fitness tips for everyday life?

// Voss: Fitness is easy to reach: There is no need for daily visits to the fitness center. A good training partner are stairs. Since my study time, I used elevators rarely and climb the steps. My current University has

six floors, as it remains a good fit. It is and remains the best calorie killer. A Lot Of Time

you also do not lose, because of the annoying waiting time for the Elevator is omitted. Scientific studies prove the success of the “stairs training”. An easy-to-practicing Balance Exercises is the Buttoning a shirt, brushing your teeth, or the Phone, each on one leg. Looks a little strange, but it improves the balance felt, and burns at least some calories.

// Student food: What makes your book a “study Coach”?

// Voss: It accompanies the students and gives him useful tips for all of life. It has the answers to the questions must a student someday, if he wants to be successful in their studies. How do I formulate my objectives

and how can I reach you? What are the methods to learn more efficiently, in order

I can survive the testing marathon at the end of the semester, and at the same time

you still have time for friends, Hobbies, family, etc.? How can my diet

help, I feel fitter and better able to concentrate? I have

not only my own experiences, but also the many students and

the scientific studies taken into account, as each a helpful advice

to be able to offer.

// Student food: you go in their book on the topic of happiness. Can help your book students to be happy?

// Voss: The I hope. The study time is a wonderful time in the life of

although a lot of Learning, but by his own skills.

This, in itself, should make you happy. I would like to book with my

Students help the perfect Mix between a satisfactory degree

and the other luck components, such as the family and social environment

or the personal freedom to find. The “Studi-Coach” shows a number of

Tips and perspectives on how to achieve the right mixture. I

look forward to conversations with students who tried out the suggestions

. Under certain circumstances, still further improvement suggestions are in fact even

for the “study Coach”.


Die richtige Mischung macht‘s


Rödiger Voss
Study Coach: Study for beginners

1. Edition 2012 , 192 pages , br.

ISBN 978-3-8252-3773-8
€ (D) 9,99