Why is my trailer hitch rusting?

Why is my trailer hitch rusting?

However, after repeated use and exposure, areas like the inside of the receiver and the hitch pin holes see frequent use and friction which can cause the coat to wear away, exposing the steel to the elements. If water gets into those exposed areas and is allowed to sit, it will corrode the metal and cause rust.

Can I weld my trailer hitch?

A CURT weld-on trailer hitch is a unique towing option for your vehicle. As the name suggests, a weld-on hitch is designed to be welded directly onto the frame of a vehicle, using thick side plates.

How do you remove weld nuts?

Using an angle grinder, cutting directly at the weld (and into the nut), break the welds. Once the nut is free, back the nut off of the shaft. This will pull most of the debris with it and hopefully clean up the threads. Chase the threads with a die to straighten them up and hopefully clean it up fully.

How do you lubricate a trailer hitch?

The alternative to “grease attracts dirt” is to lubricate the ball with a dry graphite lubricant which, in itself, doesn’t attract dirt. A small tube of graphite powder such as “Tube-O-Lube” stores easily and can be coated onto the hitch ball quickly before use.

How much does it cost to weld a trailer hitch?

There are many different hourly rates depending on the shop but in general, a shop cost will be somewhere between 65 and 125 dollars an hour.

Should I grease my hitch receiver?

At a minimum, you should grease your hitch ball every spring and fall. However, when you do decide to reapply grease you should wipe it clean before applying a new layer of grease. It’s also a good idea to grease it before you leave on a trip.

Do hitch covers cause rust?

1. Protection. This is probably the first, and biggest, reason why you should use a trailer hitch cover. Leaving your trailer hitch exposed to the elements can cause rusting and other water damage.

Can a trailer hitch be installed without weld nuts?

Once a bolt can be threaded into each of the weld nuts on your vehicle’s frame, you can begin your hitch installation knowing that you will not encounter any resistance when bolting up the hitch. To watch a video demonstration on cleaning out your weld nuts, click here.

How does a projection weld nut installation work?

Projection weld nut installation is comprised of three distinct components. First, the nut with its projections is placed in contact with the sheet metal it will be welded to. Then the current and force are applied almost simultaneously but within a specific time frame.

Why are the weld nuts on my car rusting?

Underneath your vehicle, the frame is constantly exposed to dirt, grime, moisture and salt. This gunk can find its way into the open weld nuts, or bolt holes, in your vehicle frame and harden over time, causing rust and corrosion in the weld nuts on your vehicle.