Why does my car stay at 1500 RPM?

Why does my car stay at 1500 RPM?

Other possible causes of a high idle include vacuum leaks, EGR system malfunctions, malfunctioning oxygen sensors, dirty fuel injectors, fuel pump malfunction, faulty spark plugs, a faulty mass airflow sensor, a malfunctioning throttle and, rarely, a PCM/ECM malfunction.

Why is my car revving at high RPMs idling?

In modern vehicles, engine idle speed is most often controlled by the idle air control (IAC) motor. When your car’s throttle is malfunctioning, this can cause your car to stall or idle high. Often this is a result of dirt buildup in the air intake. Other times it can be a problem with a cracked intake tube.

Why is my car RPM jumping when idle?

An idle surge can be caused by multiple phenomena. The idle air controller is simply a computer-controlled motor that controls idle. There could also be another sensor that is telling the computer to compensate, and in turn, this causes the idle to surge as it looks for the correct RPM level.

Is 1000 RPM idle bad?

In most of today’s cars, an idle speed of 600 to 1000 RPMs is average. If your car is idling rough, though, it won’t feel smooth. A cold-start rough idle, for example, may be caused for different reasons than a vehicle that idles rough only when the engine’s hot.

Why does my car idle above 1000 rpm?

The idle problem may be a result of a dirty or faulty idle air control valve. This valve is controlled by the vehicle’s computer and will adjust idle speed based upon other measurements such as engine temperature, intake air temperature and electrical system load or voltage.

How many miles does an Acura Integra GS-R get?

“The Integra GS-R is a pure pleasure. I drove it all day without a pain, ache, or complaint. At 70 to 85 mph with the A/C on, it got over 325 miles per tankful.” As for oil additions, the lone log entry showed a half-quart at 27,256 miles (the day after the GS-R returned from the rigors of One Lap—ahem).

Which is the best Acura Integra of all time?

From the Archive: Pound for pound, maybe the best since Sugar Ray Robinson. From the November 1994 issue of Car and Driver. Awright, we knew you’d write in. It was no shock here in the ice-cube quarry that is the magazine’s Michigan domain.

What’s the top speed of a 1994 Acura Integra?

This left a besmirchment painful to see and brought an insurance estimate for $501.28 in repairs. The Acura’s wild four-cylinder wore its 35,000 miles well. At the concluding test, the 0-to-60-mph time rose by 0.1 second to seven seconds flat, and top speed increased 1 mph, to 136.

What did I pay for massage on 1994 Acura Integra?

We paid $151 at the 22,500-mile massage, but $76 of that went for repair of a “leaky valve-cover gasket installed improperly on the 15,000-mile service.” As with the first stop, the remaining $75 went to an oil-and-filter swap and a brake-pad inspection.