Where is the ethics?

Where is the ethics?

“Food first, then morality”.

This is a quote from the three penny Opera by Berthold Brecht also fits today’s time perfectly. The gold production has always been an ethically controversial business. However, in the past weeks, shocked again and again, horror stories of Violence in the Western world. In Peru, the fight for Gold is gone in a new round of escalation. Not infrequently, is contacted with a para-military means. The battle for the gold stocks, as well as the Ausbrechung the necessary resources will be fought with all determination. So water will occur, which are also for the daily life of the population is absolutely necessary, derived. The mining methods used it comes to environmental influences, the population will have a feast on long years. It is not uncommon for an animal to die (see Focus: No ethics, no morals). Thus, the gold mining deprives many residents slow their habitat and forcing them into a drastic change in their living habits. The direct impact on the habitat is comparable with the industrial Revolution.

The Gold blood. However, as the rest of the world react to such Attacks? So far, only a few protest notes. However, this protest has been around for so long, so long as there is this conflict. Thus, the ethical responsibility is lost. This also applies to the use of child labour, which was noted in the past few years.

What we need to note that Gold as a “self-evident”? What information should we have in our decisions?

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