When should I change my water pump belt?

When should I change my water pump belt?

For one, the water pump’s lifespan is typically 60,000-100,000 miles. And if the timing belt fails, whether due to simple age, or the failure of a tension pulley or bearing, the water pump will likely fail along with it.

Should I replace the water pump at the same time as the timing belt?

If that is the case, then it is advisable to replace the water pump & auxiliary drive belt at the same time as the timing belt while the mechanic has access to all the parts. Once the timing belt is removed, it is only a matter of loosening a few more bolts and screws to change the water pump as well.

How long does it take to change timing belt?

Changing a timing belt and water pump can take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on your skill level, so make sure you have the time and space to complete the job. Do the following before you start: Jack up the front of the car so you can access the undercarriage beneath the engine.

Can you change timing belt on Toyota Tacoma?

In this video we change my timing belt and water pump in my 2002 Toyota Tacoma. This engine is the 5vz-fe 3.4L V6. Note check your cam seals and other seals that may need to be changed. Also if you know how to loosen the tensioner you can change them if they are bad. SST can be made or bought. Here is the thread on the topic:

Where is the timing belt located on a car?

True, both are connected to the crankshaft. However, the former is located inside the engine, albeit by the outer wall. The latter is found externally, and drives many of the car’s accessories, like the alternator, power steering pump, and A/C pump. But, as NAPA explains, the timing belt sometimes pulls double-duty.

When to replace timing belt and water pump?

In most cases, the timing belt drives the water pump, so it is the right time to replace the water pump. It is also recommended by the manufacturer. WORD TO THE WISE. Be careful when you call for an “over-the-phone” estimate for replacing a timing belt and/or water pump.

Where do you take the timing belt out of a car?

Put the engine in gear (to prevent it spinning when you’re removing the timing belt) and engage the handbrake. The fan belt and power steering belt sit beside the cover which houses the timing belt and water pump, so you’ll need to remove them first.

Can a malfunctioning belt cause a water pump to break?

A malfunctioning water pump can cause the belt to break, which can cause the piston to strike and damage the valve, which results in major engine repair and major dollar signs. So, in a nutshell, the answer to the water pump question is “consult your friendly neighborhood auto repair shop.” That would be us.

Can you do both timing belts at the same time?

The labor cost difference to do both units at the same time is virtually non-existent in most vehicles because, in many cases, you must remove the water pump to get to the timing belt!