What years did GM use throttle body?

What years did GM use throttle body?

GM ended TBI FI in ’95. A throttle body was used in 96+, but FI is down with a spider underneath the upper intake.

What kind of engine does a Chevy Cavalier have?

For this we have asked DTS of Ponchatoula, LA – a long time builder and tech guru of the 2.2 engines. (NOTE: these Dyno Graphs are to the wheels, engine HP will be higher.) As a Result of this Testing…

Where is the valve clatter on a Cavalier 2.2 engine?

One important change has been made in the positioning of it in the 99 upwards Cavalier. It sits on the side of the engine in a cooler spot instead of at the back of the engine. Also, valve clatter is gone because the 2.2 engine has hydraulic lifters now.

Are there any issues with the Chevy Cavalier?

An annoying issue Chevrolet Cavalier owners have encountered is the tendency of its gauge or instrument cluster to malfunction and go haywire. This makes information, like speed, engine revs, fuel level, and engine temperature practically inaccessible to the driver.

Where can I get a Chevy Cavalier World stroker kit?

In order to validate the additional performance of our 2.2 stroker kits (available for �94-03), we have chosen to have our testing done at an independent source. For this we have asked DTS of Ponchatoula, LA – a long time builder and tech guru of the 2.2 engines.

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When do you need to replace the engine in a Cavalier?

The engine of your Cavalier has ways to beat the heat, but when those measures fail, overeating leads to engine problems. Sometimes, you need to replace the whole engine. AutoZone offers a wide selection of parts, including Cavalier replacement engines that meet the needs of your vehicle and your budget.

What causes a Chevy Cavalier engine to malfunction?

A malfunctioning engine occurs when a cylinder casting cracks, due to the pressures caused by temperature change. Often, repairs related to engines for Chevy Cavalier are costly, but not when you shop with AutoZone, where we provide the right products at the right prices.

Where can I buy parts for a Chevy Cavalier?

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