What year 240SX is the best?

What year 240SX is the best?

The 91-94 S13’s are the best though because the front end isn’t ugly as garbage. OK, the 89-90’s aren’t that bad, but seriously the 91-94 looks much better. 1989 Nissan 240SX Coupe: For Sale: $1750 obo, Silvia TwoTone “Mint” Green paint, perfect body and interior, NOT running..

How much horsepower can you get out of a 240SX?

Without any internal engine modification the RB26DETT can handle approximately 600-horsepower with only tuning, turbocharger, and intercooler upgrades.

Are 240SX reliable?

they are known to last long, any nissan is, just give it general maintenance as soon as you get it, dont wait for problems to come to you. there are some stickies telling you general 240 problems get the 240 look at the problems and attack them first hand, then you should have virtually no problems with the car.

Why do 240SX cost so much?

The rarity, and high demand of the car make it expensive. You caught the car at a bad time. If you had wanted one 3 years ago it would be much less.

Are 240SX and Silvia the same?

Silvia/240sx/200sx are all the same, just different names based on the country they were sold. For instance, in the US the 240sx covers the coupe and the hatchback. In Japan, the coupe is the Silvia and the hatch is the 180sx.

Why is the 240SX so popular?

Summary. I think the reason that the Nissan S13 240SX is so popular for drifting is mostly because of its chassis dynamics. It’s a super easy car to learn to drift on because of its wheelbase, size, and balance. It also helps that they’re dirt cheap to buy, and modify.

What is the best engine swap for a 240SX?

The RB26 is probably the most powerful engine which can be swapped into a 240 without any extreme modding required. The SR20DET is somewhere in between the RB and the KA, this is the engine that the car came with in Japan, and it’s also the most popular swap here in the States.

How much power can a SR20DET handle?

The stock engine, without cracking the valvecover, should hold around 400-410whp with the proper upgrades to fuel/turbo, etc… If you put a metal head gasket and head studs, you should be able to crank out 550whp or so, if it’s tuned correctly. However, 400whp is plenty enough for a daily driven FWD car IMO.

How many miles does a 240SX last?

The previous owner didn’t really take care of it, and neglected oil changes. A well maintained KA can last up to 250k-300k miles from what I have seen, which means that one is most likely on its last legs. I bought a single cam at 180k, almost to 220k with no maintenance besides oil and a set of plugs.

Why was the 240SX discontinued?

The later generation of the 240SX suffered in sales due to the competition from other car manufacturers and consumers at the time choosing more practical vehicles, such as SUVs. Every 240SX was built in Kyūshū, Japan. The last 240SX rolled off the assembly line on July 23, 1998.

Is it hard to find a 240SX?

Today the 240SX doesn’t carry the gravitas of a flagship model like hte Skyline GT-R, Supra, or NSX, yet it’s still difficult to find one in great shape. Even the tired-out cars command honest money.

Why is the Silvia S15 illegal?

Why is this car illegal in the United States: This particular vehicle was declared illegal because it did not meet federal safety and pollution standards and it had a right-hand steering column, similar to cars in England.