What transmission is in a 1990 Dodge Ramcharger?

What transmission is in a 1990 Dodge Ramcharger?

4-speed automatic
Used 1990 Dodge Ramcharger Specs & Features

Drive type Rear wheel drive
Transmission 4-speed automatic

How do I know what transmission I have in my Dodge Ram?

Look inside the truck cab on the driver’s side to see if there is a clutch pedal. If there is a clutch pedal, this means that the Dodge Ram has a manual transmission. If there is no clutch pedal, then the truck has an automatic transmission.

How much is a 1990 Ramcharger worth?

1990 Dodge Ramcharger Value – $278-$1,769 | Edmunds.

What is a a518 transmission?

The A-518 is also known as a 46RH transmission and was used extensively by Chrysler in the early to mid- ’90s as a replacement for the A-727. It is the heavier-duty cousin of the A-500 overdrive, typically used behind V-6 engines in the mid-’90s.

Is Dodge making the Ramcharger again?

Those of us that are old enough can remember a day when the two-door SUV reigned. There was the full-size Ford Bronco, Chevrolet K5 Blazer, and the Dodge Ramcharger. Now the Bronco is back, albeit in a smaller format. …

Are Dodge Ramchargers rare?

Even though Dodge changed the truck game with the 1994 Ram 1500, it kept a Mexican-produced Ramcharger on sale in Mexico through 1996. And between 1999 and 2001, there was a two-door Ram-based Ramcharger sold only in the Mexican market. Today’s Rare Ride is absolutely pristine and in high-trim Royale guise.

Where is the transmission model number located?

Open the driver’s side door and find the white card on the side of the door that is filled with small black lettering. This card contains specific details about the year the car was made, its transmission, engine specifications and other details. Underneath or beside the “TR” symbol will be a number code.

How much is a ramcharger worth?

The Dodge Ramcharger was a large sport utility vehicle built by Dodge, initially from 1974 to 1993….Related Submarkets.

For Sale 0
Sell through 69%
Dollar Volume $1.1m
Lowest Sale $5,500
Top Sale $40,150

Which vehicles have the 46RE transmission?

The 46RE transmission was used in the following vehicles:

  • 1998-2003 Dodge Dakota R/T.
  • 1998-2003 Dodge Durango 5.9L V8 – 4WD or 2WD.
  • 1996 Dodge Dakota V8.
  • 1998-2003 Dodge Dakota 5.9 L R/T.
  • 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2L.
  • 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9L.
  • 1988-1993 Dodge Ramcharger SUV 5.2L and 5.9L V8.
  • Dodge vans 150/250/350 V8.

What vehicles have a 48RE transmission?

Chrysler 48RE Specs

Transmission: Chrysler 48RE
Predecessor: 47RE
Model Years/Applications: 2003 – 2007 Dodge Ram 2500/3500
Case Material: Aluminum
Max Input Torque: 560 – 570 lb-ft (Chrysler strength designation “8”)

Will there be a ramcharger?

What was the horsepower of a 1990 Dodge Ramcharger?

1990 Dodge Ramcharger rear From 1981 through 1987, all models were carbureted, but in 1988, throttle-body fuel injection (TBI) was added to the 318 ci V8 engine. Fuel injection was added to the 360 ci V8 engine in 1989. Power output for the TBI 318 was 170 hp (127 kW; 172 PS) and 245 lb⋅ft (332 N⋅m) of torque.

When was the Dodge Ramcharger pickup truck made?

The Dodge Ramcharger was a large sport utility vehicle built by Dodge from 1974 to 1993, and based on a shortened-wheelbase version of the Dodge D Series/Ram pickup truck chassis.

What kind of clutch does a Dodge Ramcharger use?

The NP435 “granny gear” 4 speed was the most common in 4WD models, as well as the close ratio version, the NP445. In 1988 the clutch was converted from a mechanical linkage to a hydraulic system. Automatic transmission models had the Chrysler Loadflite TF-727A or B until, in 1991, it was replaced with the A-500 / A-518 four-speed.

Is the Dodge Ramcharger a two wheel drive vehicle?

The Ramcharger was primarily produced as a two-door, four wheel drive vehicle although a two wheel drive version was available. As a full-size SUV, it competed with the Chevrolet K5 Blazer and the 1978–1996 Ford Bronco.

What was the year of the 1990 Dodge Ramcharger?

1990 Dodge Ramcharger AW150 5.2L automatic (aut. 4) specs Dodge Ramcharger AW150 5.2L automatic (aut. 4) , model year 1990, version for North America

What kind of transmission does a Dodge van have?

DODGE Model Years Transmission Type Engine Type/Size Transmission Model Van 1990-1991 4 Speed 46RH VAN/WAGON 1500-2500 95-01 3 SP RWD V8 52L 36RH VAN/WAGON 1500-2500 95-03 3 SP RWD V6 39L 32RH VAN/WAGON 1500-2500 95-96 4 SP RWD V6 39L 42RH/RE

What kind of transmission does a Dodge Aspen have?

DODGE Model Years Transmission Type Engine Type/Size Transmission Model Aspen 1976-1980 30RH Aspen 1977-1990 36RH AVENGER 95-00 4 SP FWD L4 20L V6 25L 41TE Caravan 1984-1987 A470