What tool is used to test for leaks on a Mercedes Benz cooling system?

What tool is used to test for leaks on a Mercedes Benz cooling system?

A cooling system pressure tester is used to pressurize a cooling system and hold the cooling system at a specified pressure while looking for leaks.

How do I check for a coolant leak?

Look for signs of coolant leakage—a light-colored residue or stain—around the radiator cap, on hoses throughout the engine compartment (check the ends where they are clamped to other components) and on the radiator itself. If it looks like a hose is leaking near a clamp, try tightening the clamp with a screwdriver.

Is Prestone coolant OK for Mercedes?

Yes. Prestone’s Coolant/Antifreeze is guaranteed to be compatible with all cars, vans or light trucks. Thanks to its unique and patented formula, Prestone Coolant/Antifreeze remains the only coolant on the market that can be mixed with another product within the cooling system without causing damage.

What happens when coolant is low on a Mercedes?

When the coolant level is low in your Mercedes you will experience a coolant level warning light that will appear on the dash (Instrument Cluster, Gauge Area). Before topping off your coolant you’re going to want your engine to be lukewarm or cold.

How can I tell if my Mercedes Sprinter is losing coolant?

Best way to check is to get it pressure tested by a garage and look at the head gasket line particularly at the back. Most pressure tester now have a dye that you can put in them to detect combustion gases in the cooling system that will also help you diagnose if the gasket is faulty or not.

When to remove coolant cap on Mercedes Benz?

Never remove the coolant expansion tank cap when the engine is hot. If the coolant expansion tank cap is removed while the engine is hot you will be exposed to hot coolant antifreeze that could burn you cause bodily injury. Always check to see what type of coolant is in your Mercedes when the engine has cooled or cold.)

Where is the coolant tank on a Mercedes Benz?

Most Mercedes-Benz coolant expansion tanks are black plastic and/or situated in an area where the coolant color isn’t visually apparent. This requires that you loosen and remove the coolant expansion tank cap to visually inspect the coolant color inside the expansion tank.

Where does the coolant leak on a Mercedes Benz?

I took a look under the hood. It looks like the coolant is leaking where the radiator is connected to the hose on the driver side. It looks like the leak is between the radiator and the hose attachment. It looks like some kind of fancy attachment held by the metal clip.

Why is coolant leaking from the bottom of the radiator?

It may just be a bad hose or a problem with the radiator. To clarify, the leak is coming from the low drivers side of the radiator. I jacked up the front end to inspect. Looked like the fitting to the radiator did not have a conventional hose clamp.

Where is the O-ring on a Mercedes radiator?

The O-ring is the seal and the slip snaps in a groove in the plastic receiving connector on the top on the radiator. The clip pushed down is open so it can slide over and pushed up it closes to engage the groove.

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