What is the fuel consumption of a Boeing 737?

What is the fuel consumption of a Boeing 737?

Regional flights

Model First flight Fuel efficiency per seat
Boeing 737 MAX 7 2017 2.93 L/100 km (80.2 mpg‑US)
Boeing 737-800 1997 2.77 L/100 km (85 mpg‑US)
Boeing 737 MAX 8 2017 2.28 L/100 km (103.2 mpg‑US)
Boeing 737-900ER 2006 2.66 L/100 km (88 mpg‑US)

What is the most fuel-efficient jet engine?

The manufacturer proved the Celera 500L’s aerodynamic efficiency in 2019. It has so far performed 31 successful test flights. It says that the plane truly is the most fuel-efficient, commercially viable aircraft in existence.

How much fuel does a Boeing 727 carry?

727 Fuel System General Fuel is stored in both wing and a center tank. Total fuel capacity is 767 gallons or 50,800 pounds. U.S. gallons Pounds L/M. 1793 11,500 R/M. 1793 11,500 Center 4086 27,800 Maximum asymmetrical load 1000 pounds. Type of fuel used is Jet-A weight 6.77 pounds per gallon.

How many gallons of fuel does a Boeing 737 burn?

A: In round numbers, a 737 will burn 5,000 pounds (750 gallons) an hour. These are approximate figures, and the conversion between pounds and gallons is conservative. Q: Do pilots typically fly one kind of airplane, or do they switch from time to time, from say a Boeing 737 to a Boeing 767 to an Airbus A320, etc? — J.D. Gipson, San Antonio

How much fuel does a Boeing 717-200 burn?

By just taking the range of the Boeing 717-200 and dividing by usable fuel you will get 2.569 gal/nm fuel burn for the basic gross weight version and 2.137 gal/nm for the high gross weight version. These numbers are not as accurate as the numbers listed above.

How much fuel does an Airbus A380 burn?

Fuel consumption numbers depend upon a lot of factors including flight takeoff weight, flight time, cruising altitude and the like. Read the numbers as ballpark figures. As we see, an Airbus A380 burns twice as much fuel per hour as a Boeing 787-9.