What is HFL in Acura?

What is HFL in Acura?

HFL uses Bluetooth technology to link your cell phone to your vehicle. With HFL, you can place and receive calls through your vehicle’s audio system, without the distraction of handling your cell phone. For more information call 1-888-528-7876 or visit www.acura.com/handsfreelink.

Where is the HFL module on an Acura MDX?

This article applies to the Acura MDX. Acura’s HandsFree Link (HFL) system is controlled by a module that resides in the center console of the MDX. While HFL provides a host of useful options, including steering wheel controls and cell phone functionality, it also creates a parasitic draw on your battery by running even when the car is off.

What should the drain be on an Acura MDX?

Disconnect the HFL as noted below, then check your drain again. Normal drain should be around 24mA, so if you spot a significant difference you might want to continue below.

Why is my Acura HFL not plugged in?

I’ll bet the module isn’t even plugged in. It causes car batteries to die constantly, and chances are precious owner removed or unplugged it to prevent themselves being stuck with a dead car repeatedly. It is probably the same ACURA part number but newer hardware and software versions.

Do you need to replace your HFL module?

If you need to replace your HFL module or simply want to disconnect it, keep reading and we’ll walk you through the process of removing it. To test your HFL to see if it is the cause of your battery drain issue, switch your multimeter to DC amps.

How do you replace the HFL in an Acura MDX?

Closeup of HFL module and green connector. If you are replacing the HFL, pull it out and install the new unit in its place and reconnect the connector. Reinstall the connectors for the rear center console trim piece and push it back into the clips until it locks into place. Figure 3.

How do you test an Acura TSX HFL module?

To test it, take the cover off the module and pull out the small circuit board on top that plugs into the main module with a white connector. Blow on the circuit board like an old video game cartridge and put the module back together. Test to see if it is working again. If so, you don’t have to replace the module! Figure 1.

Where is the hands free link on an Acura MDX?

I have an ’06 MDX. Heard it was located above the rear view mirror in the overhead. Is this correct? Don’t do what I did. I am guess I should have taken the HFL module apart and only baked the circuit board.

How to fix battery drain on Acura MDX?

Removing it was easy. I just pulled on the vents/controls behind the center console, which are only held on by tabs, to access the HFL module. The module itself is only held on by three screws. Just make sure you don’t let the screws drop. This is a 5-10 minute job.