What happens when you change the oil in an Acura RDX?

What happens when you change the oil in an Acura RDX?

Oil breaks down from the process of combustion and becomes contaminated with various particles, leaving your engine susceptible to wear. Fresh engine oil will restore additives that combat corrosion, wear, and sludge buildup to keep you engine running as the manufacturer intended. This article applies to the Acura RDX (2007-2012).

Where is the oil pan on a RDX?

The front end of the RDX has a fair amount of ground clearance that will allow most owners to easily slide under the vehicle; however, some find it easiest to access the engine oil pan after the car has been lifted. Using a floor jack, lift the front of the vehicle and support it with jack stands.

How to change the coolant on an Acura MDX?

Start the engine. Hold the engine speed at 1,500 rpm until it warms up (the radiator fan comes on at least twice). Make sure the thermostat is open, i.e get things warm. You may start to see steam rise from the radiator filler neck that you left open. You may also get some initial spillover during the first start.

Where was the Acura RDX engine misfire located?

A very dangerous and potentially fatal accident was luckily averted. The vehicle was hauled 130 miles to my local Acura dealership which reported an engine misfire indication from the car’s computer but no further indication of prior or subsequent issues. I was driving on a two-lane highway in rural Mississippi.

How do I reset the oil life on my Acura RDX?

Press the SEL/RESET button until the oil life readout is present on the dash display. Hold the SEL/RESET button for approximately 10 seconds until the OIL LIFE RESET prompt appears. Highlight the RESET option and press the SEL/RESET button to reset the oil life monitor.

Do You need safety glasses for an Acura RDX?

If it isn’t printed on the oil cap, check your owners manual for the exact type before adding new oil. We recommend wearing safety glasses whenever you are working under your RDX. You never know what could be dripping down from the engine, battery acid, engine coolant, brake fluid, etc.

Can you change the computer on an Acura RDX?

Yes. The spirit dragon of the underworld compelled the dealer to change your vehicle’s computer. You must slay the vile dragon’s underling, the salesman, with a claymore sword forged only by the hands of the mighty Zeus himself.

What kind of engine does Acura RDX 2013 have?

RDX 2013 mated luxury and utility. The performance is getting aggressive with the stripped turbocharged 4-cylinder engine into a 3.5-liter V6 with 273 hp power shots. This machine is expected to be the most efficient in its class.

Where does the noise come from on an Acura RDX?

However, each engine has had noise issues, which we will identify and address below. This may sound daunting, but fortunately Acura simplicity shines through, and servicing as well as fixing any issues that arise couldn’t be more simple. The most common RDX engine noise comes from the serpentine belt.

Is the Acura RDX a good car to drive?

Cars.com’s Dave Thomas takes a look at the 2010 Acura RDX. It competes with the BMW X3 and Land Rover’s LR2. Car is really fun to drive especially because of the turbo engine. Comfortable and smooth. Definitely recommend it for anyone. Its definitely worth the money it cost. Read full review

What causes power steering whine in Acura RDX?

Power steering whine. The Gen 2 RDX V6 engine is equipped with Variable Cylinder Management, which shuts down 3 of the 6 cylinders when the engine is not working hard. The operation of VCM can sometimes be heard as a fluttering sound at low speed and low RPMs, as well as cruising on the highway.