What does the A with a circle around it mean in my car?

What does the A with a circle around it mean in my car?

Anti-lock Brake Warning Light – (a circle with “ABS” inside) This light will appear if there is a problem with your antilock braking system. Although this light does not indicate an immediate risk to your safety, you should have the vehicle checked by a professional as soon as possible.

What does it mean when the master warning light comes on?

If you’re driving with a loose fuel cap, an open trunk or door, or low fuel levels, you’ll see the Master Warning Light come on. The Master warning light is an exclamation point inside of a triangle.

What does the faucet sign mean on car?

If on continuously, it means that the PCM (powertrain control module) has recognized and recorded a fault in the engine management system. A bad oxygen sensor can trigger the warning light, but so can dozens of other problems. You should have the vehicle diagnosed with a scan tool at a dealer or independent shop.

What is the first thing a driver should do after deciding to make a turn?

First you will need to stop at the stop line, make sure that you do not interfere with pedestrians, bicyclists, or vehicles moving on their green light, and make a turn. If a street has a left turn lane, you must use it when you turn left.

What does P mean on a car dashboard?

brake warning light
The brake warning light features a red circle with an exclamation point or “P” in the middle, or simply the text “BRAKE”. When illuminated, this light indicates that either the parking brake is engaged or that there is an issue with the braking system.

Why is my forward emergency braking light on?

The Forward Emergency Braking system warning light comes on (this means the sensor is not working and the emergency warning is not working; further you cannot use cruise control when the light is on). The warning light comes on when the vehicle has been driven for a few minutes, 5 to 30 minutes after starting.

Why is the oil symbol on my dashboard?

The dashboard oil light comes on when your engine suffers a drop in oil pressure. Without enough oil pressure, the engine can’t lubricate itself. Continuous lubrication is necessary for the engine to run, so if it’s not adequately lubricated it will seize, and it could stop abruptly, which could cause an accident.