What does green key light mean in Acura MDX?

What does green key light mean in Acura MDX?

But the green key signal continues to flash and doesn’t seem to stop. From what I’ve read this means that there is a key immobilizer issue. Meaning that the thing that reads the chip in the key is not reading the key properly.

When does the Immobilizer light come on on an Acura MDX?

When you start the X, the Immobilizer (key) dummy light comes on and goes off after a few seconds. If there is a problem with the key, the Immobilizer light is supposed to blink which would be very noticeable to me.

Why does my Acura MDX light stop blinking?

The light quits blinking when a bad key is turned off, but blinks 5 times when a good key is turned off. If the key you’re using EVER behaves like a bad key, try one of the other keys that came with the car.

Why is the immobiliser lock on my vz not working?

The immobiliser lock symbol is flashing on the cluster and doesn’t stop flashing at any stage. – Then I try again and suddenly it cranks and sounds fine but it just never actually catches. It’s only today that I’ve even noticed the immobiliser symbol, and given I’ve got plenty of crank amps (it’s a 1200 amp jumper pack), I know it’s not battery.

Why is my immobiliser not working on my car?

The new key is then used to open/close the car over several cycles. Your problem may be that your immobiliser has no signal to disengage with a key that is very weak or at worst, dead, either by pressing the lock/unlock button and/or the nib contacting the key reader ring on the ignition barrel.

Where can I find the MDX key immobilizer light?

You should be able to do some quick research on the options online… or maybe even find an MDXer in your area who’d let you borrow their HDS, or come over and hook it up to take a look at your car. Click to expand… Thanks for the reply. I’ll take a look into those fuses.

Why does my Acura MDX not turn over?

My battery seemed to getting weak and the car would barely turn over but would start. Went to get another battery and shut the car off. No crank. Got a jump but would not turn over.

Why does the Immobilizer light blinking at the end?

I got the immobilizer bypass brake code from the dealer and entered it, with the green key blinking at the end to confirm successful entry. But the car still doesn’t start – only cranks. The fuel pump doesn’t seem to come on in the II position either.

Where is the Immobilizer on an Acura MDX?

Fuse 13 in the passenger’s side under-dash fusebox powers the immobilizer receiver (and a bunch of other stuff you’d probably notice wasn’t working, including the driver’s seat control and navigation if your MDX has it). Fuse #6 in the driver’s side under-dash fusebox seems to be involved, too…