What are the best spark plug wires to buy?

What are the best spark plug wires to buy?

  1. Editor’s Pick: ACDelco. ACDelco offers a variety of spark plug wire sets for a wide range of applications and vehicles.
  2. NGK.
  3. MSD.
  4. JEGS.
  5. Denso.
  6. Bosch.

Do high performance spark plug wires make a difference?

Running on bad spark plugs or spark plug wires can end up using more fuel. High-quality wires will allow the spark plugs to start faster and keep your engine running more effectively. Save money. Routinely swapping out your spark plug wires can save you cash.

What spark plug brand does Chevy use?

ACDelco GM OE (Professional) Iridium Spark Plugs are our latest in spark plug technology and an exact replacement for your vehicle’s original components.

Does it really matter what spark plugs you use?

In other words, any brand of spark plug can be used in any vehicle make or model application assuming the plug has the correct dimensions, design and heat range. The engine won’t know the difference. If they don’t have a spark plug for the engine, there is a reason why.

What is the difference between 7mm and 8mm spark plug wires?

8mm spark plug wires are a heavier gage wire than the 7mm type. The thicker wire has a thicker core. The core is the part of the wire that brings power to the spark plugs. A more robust core provides a lower resistance path for the power, thereby allowing more power to reach the spark plugs.

Are Taylor spark plug wires good?

I have used Taylor plug wires for years and you can not go wrong with the reliability and durability of Taylor wires. Definitely recommend!

Are expensive spark plug wires worth it?

There isn’t any performance to be gained from spark plug wires, just better build quality, which gives you not a better spark, but rather maintains an appropriate spark for more miles/years before their performance degrades to the point of needing replacement.

Are NGK Spark Plugs better than champion?

The mechanics on experts term made peace with the NGK being the better one. However, Champion spark plugs are spotted on most cars in the USA for everyday use….Champion vs NGK Chart.

Champion NGK
Iridium center electrode delivers maximum life Improve the life of the plug

What size spark plug wires should I use?

Most manufacturers recommend an 8 or 8.5mm plug wire on most applications. Exceptions would be an all-out race car or a street rod where EMI/RFI suppression is not a concern, but weight and appearance are. In which case, a 5 or 7mm wire might be a better option.

Can spark plug wires increase horsepower?

In short, yes, in some situations spark plugs can increase horsepower. These ‘massive’ gains of one or two per cent generally won’t be exceeded, even if you’re replacing really old and worn spark plugs for new ones. In this case, your essentially just restoring your car back to its peak performance.