The Power of advertising: The Bestseller in the 9. Edition

(Press release) Through the digitalization of markets, competition, and customer behavior faster than ever before, and thus the requirements for successful advertising and marketing communications. Advertisers should be familiar with both the digital as well as the classic instruments of communication, to the potential of the instruments to the full. The 9. Edition of the standard work, advertising, Günter Schweiger and Gertraud Schrattenecker the latest developments of digital communications and shows that successful advertising Online and Offline linked channels. The book is published at UVK Lucius/utb.

This-to-understand Textbook describes the advertising planning, budgeting, creative design, media planning and the measurement of advertising effectiveness in detail and gives numerous examples from the practice. A number of content and examples have been updated or integrated, for example, Smart Data-market segmentation, Customer Journey analysis, Content Marketing and real time Advertising. Literature references allow an in-depth examination with the appropriate specialist areas. An index facilitates rapid location of topics.


The Authors

Prof. Dr. Günter Schweiger is Professor at the Institute for promotional science and market research of the University of Economics and business (WU) Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Gertraud Schrattenecker is a Marketing and communications consultant and lecturer at the University of Economics and business (WU) Vienna, Austria.


Die Macht der Werbung: Der Bestseller in der 9. Auflage




Günter Schweiger Gertraud Schrattenecker


An Introduction

9., a restyling. u. erw. Edition

In 2016, 454 pages, numerous illustrations

ISBN 978-3-8252-4712-6

€ (D) 27,99

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