The most important thought leaders in the Economics in-a-row

The most important thought leaders in the Economics in-a-row

They shape for centuries, the world of Economics – the largest Economists. To understand today’s political discussions, it is worth looking at these personalities. The new UTB-series of The greatest Economists of the famous thinkers, with their knowledge of the Economics and policy decisively shaped, in an understandable way. The authors focus not only on the scientific but also illuminate the people and the context in which they have worked. In each book a number of Services are runs in the Form of life, time panels, included annotated literature tips, and a Glossary with the main terms.

Current releases in the series of The greatest Economists

Friedrich A. Hayek is regarded as a very well respected Social scientists and economic scientists, even if his work today is controversial. His theses are particularly discussed in the current debate about the structure of the market economy is controversial. Author Hans jörg Klaus Inger, in his book, these thought-leaders, his criticism of socialism and his critical view of John M. Keynes.


As a justification, to reassess the modern Economy, without a doubt, Adam Smith. His Work is still today and, in addition, are currently – as the example of Bank regulation. Over the life of this great thinker in the least know. This gap, the authors Heinz D. Short, and Richard Sturn with her work. They represent the Childhood, youth and the study of the Scottish Economists. Also his main work “The Wealth of Nations” and its emergence, as well as his most significant Essays are illuminated in Detail.


John Maynard Keynes is without a doubt one of the greatest Economists. Up to the current financial crisis, it was frowned upon, however, in economic policy debates in this country often argue in the sense of Keynes. Today, this picture has changed: Many politicians are increasingly taking on the British. Jürgen Kromphardt, the nonconformists in Detail: He shows how Keynes economic theory on a new basis, and what are the economic policy recommendations followed.

The series is aimed at students, researchers from the fields of Economics, political science, sociology, and history, and to interested parties .

The Authors:
Prof. Dr. Hans-jörg Klaus Inger teaches at the University of Economics in Vienna.
Prof. Dr. Heinz teaches at the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz and Prof. Dr. Richard Sturn, Karl-Franzens-University of Graz.
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kromphardt has taught at the TU Berlin and is Chairman of the Keynes-society.


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