The greed for Gold

The greed for Gold

Michael Just told why greed must not be a bad thing, why is Gold for us, Religion and myth, and why all of this is much more than a pure investment instrument.

Gold is more than an investment instrument. Gold is a myth – Religion and creed alike. It is the treasure of a nation’s economy, serves the Powerful as a Status and symbol of power, and has shown in the darkest hours of humanity as the prey of gold, its negative sides.

Who does not know it, that famous quote by J. W. von Goethe: “The gold depends on the gold dränt everything. Oh poor us…“ Gretchen’s lament is not only a literary metaphor, it goes deeper and further back than we often believe. Evidence of this is there is enough. Whether the death mask of the fabled child-king TUTANKHAMEN, who was revered as a God on the throne, or the the tells all of us familiar story of the dance around the Golden calf in the old Israel. Always Gold as a divine metal was determined. So it is not surprising that to him as a star, the sun. The sun, which lives by its rays allows only that light and warmth. Thus, the light and the Shine of the gold gets a strong symbiotic relationship, which is taken up later at the birth of CHRIST once again, and in the symbolism persists to this day.

But what means are used to get to this Gold? Just the use of cyanide and mercury in the civil engineering and associated ground water changes penetrate deep into our Ecosystem. Inspired by the self-indulgence in search of Gold, the man penetrates deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth, is less and less to the more noble metal and must, therefore, strive for more and more complex method for its production. Often to the detriment of the environment and in the mining regions resident population.

Who is buying all this Gold? First, the jewelry industry, followed by the Finance industry, the main buyers. But the States, through their Central banks to buy Gold. So MEXICO purchased in the year 2011, 99 tons of Gold. RUSSIA and TURKEY this year, one of the main source of demand for Central Bank gold. The reason seems to be obvious. The Central banks are preparing for the battle against global Inflation, which is fuelled by the printing of more and more cheap money again. The Central banks were even five years ago, as a gold seller has changed the picture and the Central banks buy Gold (if you the possibilities for this are given). This of course has an impact on the price formation of Gold. As with the Central banks of a large and very powerful buyers didn’t come to the commercial stage, the demand for more, as many Others, but also its range of activity has completely set. In addition to the psychological aspects, which are in the price of gold as a value driver, this is a not to verniedliche factor, which has driven the price in recent years.

Of course, counting Gold as an investment, in the past few years, one of the “must-have” in the Portfolio. An Investor can choose between many types of investment vehicles. From the classic Investment in coins and bullion to the securitised derivatives is almost no limit.

In the process, Gold is used as an integral part of active portfolio management is of great importance. Just in the past few years, are shaped by the interventions of the Central banks, Gold the function as the backup anchor in the Portfolio more than ever. The investor to ask more of a property value-based system. Because experience has shown that these Investments contribute substantially to the preservation of assets.

If you know more about “THE GREED for GOLD” would like to know so I can give you the reading of the eponymous book recommend. There is also clarified that the greed is not necessarily something Negative. You people life. Gluttony, however, is it that can make the positive yaw quickly a Hydra of terror.

Sources: The greed for Gold, Michael Bloss – UVK Konstanz-Munich

ISBN 978-3-86764-392-4