The economist works with calculation

The economist works with calculation

The most prestigious professions and the most highly paid positions – that’s what the sphere of finance is today. Despite the talk about an overabundance of economists in the labor market, these specialists are always in demand. Their services are needed by large financial institutions and small trading companies. Without their participation, effective management is impossible.

The analysis of vacancies on employment sites demonstrates that employers often expect an economist to combine responsibilities, for example, as an accountant or as a financial director. Some companies need an employee who is able to handle securities, others are looking for an employee for accounting and audit, and the third one needs a professional who is able to calculate wages promptly, clearly and competently.

Do not despair if you can not find a place for specialization – retraining will require a minimum of time and effort. Starting his career as an ordinary accountant in the company, you can later become the CFO. Information on taxation, budget policy, management, banking and insurance, acquired at the Faculty of Economics, will help to cope with any difficulties.

If you are well versed in various mathematical calculations, possess the abilities of the organizer, you are always attentive, you are very careful, you also have the ability to easily learn foreign languages, the profession of an economist is something that you will like. However, do not devote your life to the economy, if your mind is different in the humanitarian way of thinking, if you are bored with scrupulous work with numbers, if you are emotionally unstable and not capable of asserting your own point of view.

Employment options:

The banking sector is most promising in terms of earnings and career advancement. The economist will need the ability to handle the relevant documentation. An employee who recently joined the service can count on a one-thousand-dollar bet. Heads of departments earn up to four thousand.
Financial Directors and Analysts. Of course, these posts are not for recruits and yesterday’s graduates. The level of remuneration: about one and a half thousand US dollars – in small organizations, 5-10 thousand – in large and well-established firms.
Audit, specialization in the audit of accounting and tax reporting. On average, from one to two thousand US dollars, however, some highly qualified professionals earn from five thousand and more.
Of course, with economic education you can work in accounting. The salary of the main specialists can be: at the enterprise small – $ 1000, in a solid company – from two to three thousand.

Choose the right university

Today almost every university has its own economic faculty. However, do not forget that the demands of modern employers have become tougher. Everyone is looking for well-trained professionals. Today, the need for a high-quality economic service has increased, and this is understood in any enterprise. Therefore, a young specialist who has a diploma of doubtful origin in his hands, it will be difficult to find a job – it will be obvious to everyone that such a diploma was obtained due to writing service, and there is no knowledge of such an employee.

The correct university is the first step towards the successful development of the future profession. It is better to choose well-known educational institutions that have long been specialized in teaching financial, managerial and economic subjects. Only here you can expect to receive fundamental knowledge.