The classic in the 7. Edition

The classic in the 7. Edition

The standard work by Oswald Neuberger and the Result will appear in the 7. Edition. The new authors Bernd Blessin and Alexander Wick are sticking to the tried-and-tested goal is to give an Overview of the main approaches and findings of the leadership research, and to come to you in critical animals.

They can bring the basic ideas and designs of Oswald Neuberger updated and focused in a new concept. This leads over Neubergers approach, in proto-typical contexts and fields of application of modern personnel management, which convey the complexity of leadership research and practice.

Numerous case examples from practice to support the understanding of: leadership examples from the DAX is shown to corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises or, for example, the NASA/ESA. For the first time, the standard work appears in a bound Form and with spot color.

The target audience are both students and practitioners. As a scientific Textbook, it has for many years been the basis for the placement of the core results of leadership research and is used in its updated Form, managers guide to personnel management.

The authors: Dr. Bernd Blessin is as head of personnel and Organisation at the VPV insurance. In addition, he is a lecturer at the European business school Madrid (EWA), which Baden to-Wuerttemberg cooperative state University (DHBW). Dr. Alexander Wick is Professor for business administration, ESP. Human resources management at the International University of cooperative education Darmstadt. His research focuses on personnel selection, employee retention, virtual cooperation as well as competence diagnostics and development.


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Der Klassiker in der 7. Auflage


Bernd Blessin, Alexander Wick

Lead and lead

7., completely revised edition 534 pages, ISBN 978-3-8252-8532-6