the challenge of business English

the challenge of business English

(Press release) English is the main language. Good knowledge of the school of English, nowadays, is often a prerequisite for entry to the profession. A representative study by the society for consumer research (2013) revealed that only 34 percent of the employed Germans have a sufficient knowledge of English for professional communication. But to be safe, Telephoning, Presenting, Write and Negotiate in English is more than a good Vocabulary and grammar knowledge. The compact course on business English for beginners by Kurt Bangert helps optimally to the challenges of everyday professional life prepare.

Vocabulary lists, expressions, phrases, and sample dialogues to prepare vividly on the practice. Tips and strategies for independent language learning support for individual continuing training. In addition, the author provides intercultural tips that facilitate communication with the British, Americans and the Rest of the world.

The author: Kurt Bangert prepares with his students and young professionals in a structured way on situations of everyday life in professional life. At the same time, it serves as a refresher to help and deepening of already acquired knowledge.

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Herausforderung Wirtschaftsenglisch



Kurt Bangert

Business English for beginners


1. 2015 edition

48 pages, softcover

ISBN 978-3-8252-4294-7

€ (D) 7,99