Our book tips for summer

Our book tips for summer

Unsere Buchtipps für den SommerFor all of you who still don’t know which book you should take with you on vacation – here’s our Top 5 recommendations from the UVK-Verlag.


For Crime Fans

Appears on the 14.08.2017

As Lester Sternberg in the work, nothing is as it once was. Because he is under suspicion to have his boss, Professor van Slyke, murdered. In order to prove his innocence, he seeks after the real culprit. The help he receives from the student, Milena, and he can use very well, because the murderer of his doctor father is now behind him.

The reason for that is his scientific work on the criticism of the banking system? A fast-paced chase begins, in the case of some banks, and an international research Institute involved. Light in the Dark could bring well-known Economists. The have long since died, but their ideas are more important than ever! To Book


For readers with cultural and historical interest

The Modern epoch has now been replaced by the digital age. Now it is time to take stock: How can be explained the Modern in their entirety? What achievements has she brought forth? The values, objectives and norms of the Modern in the digital age, are now obsolete?

Werner Heinrichs delivers with his book The Modern: the balance sheet of an era, the answers. He illuminates all of the cultural, social, economic and natural scientific aspects of the era in an exciting way. To Book


For the leaders of today and tomorrow

Andreas Otterbach and Corinna Little valuable information, such as the readers guide through appreciation in the best possible way in your business can integrate in your book.

You have placed the focus on the so-called Hidden Champions. Because on closer inspection they have lower turnover rates, sickness rates and absenteeism. For this reason, they investigate the extent to which appreciative leadership and

Corporate culture play in their development a decisive role. To Book


For Newcomers To The Profession

The interview is done and the first work contract has not been signed. Now have to claim career-starters in their everyday work. Talking with supervisors, dealing with fair and unfair colleagues, or in Negotiation situations with service providers and customers, there are rules of the game and tricks that you should know each of the newcomers.

At the beginning the authors of the different speaker types and their Strengths and weaknesses. On this basis, they provide the reader with the rhetorical skills for the important communication situations, with tips and checklists. To Book


For Freedom-Lovers

The counselor Without fear, at the controls gives you an easy method with which you can get the fear of driving test and drive a car easily in the handle.

He goes on concrete moments of fear – for example,

– the Parking on a busy street,

– Overtaking on a country road or

– the driving on to a motorway.

He also offers valuable tips, ranging from the driving school of choice to drive a car in a foreign country! To Book

We wish you a nice and relaxing holiday!