Our book recommendations for Christmas

Unsere Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

Only a month until Christmas eve and you still have no gift? Don’t Panic! We tell you our Top 5 books for Christmas. For yourself a gift or give to yourself.

Unsere Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

The level of trust in our modern money system decreases. Alternative currencies, which, thanks to computers and the Internet becoming more and more professional in their operation, get new inlet. You can contribute to the solution of current problems?

You will learn through the exciting book, A world without money, more about the current monetary system and its Alternatives in the Form of a substitute or complementary currencies, which could create new confidence.


Unsere Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

The counselor Without fear, at the controls gives you an easy method with which you can get the fear of driving test and drive a car easily in the handle.

He goes on concrete moments of fear – for example,

– the Parking on a busy street,

– Overtaking on a country road or

– the driving on to a motorway.

He also offers valuable tips, ranging from the driving school of choice to drive a car in a foreign country!


Unsere Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

The papacy and the economy – this is not a contradiction. In the book The third way of the popes, the authors of these issues and to show that many popes engaged in the social encyclicals, very comfortable with the topic of the economy, especially in times of economic upheaval.

You get an impression about the perspective of the individual popes and their understanding of Economics and labour. The conclusion of the Encyclical of the current Pope, the calls for “Laudato si” a Reform of the market economic system.


Unsere Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

Saving is no longer worthwhile in a long time. But what are the Alternatives? Stocks, Gold, your own home? Or is it something completely different?

Gerald Pilz shows you in his book of Unusual value systems of 25 Alternatives to the conventional Save. Interesting examples, exemplary investors, valuable tips and helpful checklists for the reader to be equally entertaining and useful.



Unsere Buchempfehlungen zu Weihnachten

Amazing, Fascinating, Bizarre and sometimes Mystical about this special game dice, the author shows you in the book of Alea iacta est.

On its six sides, no eyes are to be paid, but the neutral number Zero, natural number, irrational number Phi, the irrational Numbers e and Pi and the imaginary unit i noted. You will be amazed how diverse and fascinating the Interplay of these six Figures alone, in everyday phenomenon and practical applications.


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