Olympic Gold – Gold for heroes

Olympic Gold – Gold for heroes

A few days ago, the London Olympic games are now history, and with them the gold medal winners were heroes. If the Germany-Eighth or individual athletes from all over the world. You have inspired us!

But why do we give gold medals to our top athletes? Why is Gold the color of absolute triumph?It was not always the Royal Red and Blue, which was for excellence and outstanding positions in the society? No, it was always Gold. Because only the Gold will be awarded to the absolute value of resistance and the absolute purity. Therefore, also the medals of the top athletes are golden.

If Michael Phepls like a Dolphin in the waters of the swimming pool to the new maximum is aiming for performance, so he has an intrinsic ambition. This is at least as old as the greed for Gold. Which is so deeply rooted in the people, as rarely anything else. We people are socialized by Religion and culture. We, therefore, take the “Gold Gene”, sort of, with our birth in us.

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Article image: © Gregor fuhr-Boßdorf / pixelio.de