OJ, now what?

OJ, now what?

Sports, philosophy, business administration, or something with media. Each year, a new graduation class is faced with the same question: how is it going to be after school? Finally, the selection of study subjects is huge. The book of Abi, now what? The right course of studies by Holger Walther loses itself in the wide variety of courses, but gives a useful method for the right study choice. The self-analysis of own skills, interests and values is the focus. Questionnaires, check lists and individual tasks to assist in the decision. In the case of several study alternatives of the decision sheet will help your final decision.

The book also offers a comprehensive service, the background knowledge of high school types, degrees and study financing. Technical terms from the study of everyday life are explained in a Glossary.

The author: a psychologist Holger Walther is a Psychological consultant at the Humboldt-University of Berlin. He also works as a psychotherapist in a private practice.

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