NEET 2020: How Can The Aspirants Make The Most Of The Postponement

NEET 2020: How Can The Aspirants Make The Most Of The Postponement

NEET 2020: How Can The Aspirants Make The Most Of The Postponement

“Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.”

Due to the unfortunate pandemic outbreak straggling across the globe, many entrance exams have been postponed to ensure the safety of students and get a firm grip on this COVID-19 to eradicate it. NEET is one of them. With the current scenario around the world, students have extra time on their hands for NEET 2020 preparation. We might not have control over COVID-19 right away, but definitely we have some semblance of control on how we spend our time. The way we spend our time defines who we are.

As per the announcement made by the National Testing Agency [NTA], NEET which is an eligibility cum entrance level exam conducted at the national level for medical college admission will be tentatively conducted in the last week of May. That being the case, the extended time would be a blessing in disguise to polish their preparation to a shine.

Below are some suggestions provided to candidates to make the best use of extended preparation time for NEET 2020. So, let’s get on to it straight away-

  • Digital Platforms

In the current situation, students are advised to take full advantage of digital technology but in a positive way. Do not start using social media unnecessarily, use it just to relax your mind for 10 minutes. Stay connected with your teachers on digital media, ask them queries, and resolve your doubts. Do not go for offline classes

  • Coaching Centre

Many coaching centres are also providing online coaching for candidates. The advantage of online coaching is candidates will feel less distraction, direct interaction with the teachers, get more time to prepare as they do not need to travel to coaching centres.

  • Plan your day

A well-planned day will serve you well. Schedule the subjects and fix a time for it. Start with the difficult subject in the morning as your motivation level is the highest at that time. So, eat that frog first before eating your desserts. If Physics is the frog, then deal with it first so that you can put it aside for the day when you are done. The satisfaction that you feel after completing the task will fuel you to take up more tasks and accomplish them well. Avoid distractions and take small breaks in between to avoid breakdown. You can spend more time on the 11th class syllabus than the 12th syllabus as it is fresh in mind comparatively.

  • NCERT is the Holy Grail

There is an enormous number of books out there for you to pick. The common statement every topper vocalizes is, NCERT is your bae. Almost 90% of the concepts are questioned by NCERT. You have to be thorough right from the first page to the last and in between. If you have implemented it rigorously, then there is no stopping you from taking that medical seat assigned in your name. On that account, glue it to your mind concretely that NCERT is your Bible, Bhagavad-Gita or Quran for NEET 2020.

  • There is no glory in practice but without practice, there is no glory.

Practice is the key to almost all of the exam. It is like a universal key- the answer to most of the questions. Practice sample papers and mock papers. Leaf through previous question papers and you may get some insight. Less isn’t more here. Less isn’t going to save you. More you do, the better. After solving the questions, spend enough time analyzing your answers, singularly on the wrong ones. Try understanding how you got them wrong and what are the steps you have to take to get the right one. Don’t practice until you get it right, practise until you can’t get it wrong.

  • Speed and accuracy

To excel in your NEET 2020 and secure your dream rank, the two mantras are speed and accuracy. Along with a good hold on your concept, executing it well becomes crucial. Since you have only one minute per question, you need to giddy up and pick up that speed. Keep in mind, with the speed you need accuracy and not leave it behind. Try your best to finish your paper within 2hrs 45 minutes. It will be ideal to have 15minutes left in your hand to recheck if you have answered all right and try solving any difficult questions.

  • To each its own

The only strategy should be to focus on your path and the direction you are going. It doesn’t concern you what X and Y are doing. Stick on to your plan and what works well for you. You know yourself the best and have a good eye for your strengths and weaknesses. With this blueprint, keep preparing diligently and leave the rest. Do not buy a new book or study material, just because your friend is getting it. Last-minute cramming isn’t helpful. You do you.

Important subject and chapters for NEET 2020 include

  • Modern Physics and Semiconductor devices, Newton laws, Current electricity, Magnetism and Matter, System of particles and rotational motion.
  • Chemical bonding and molecular structure, s and p block elements, Equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, d and f block elements.
  • Biological classification, plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, cell, human health and disease, ecosystem, the principle of inheritance, human reproduction.

Take a chill- pill

Lastly, do not forget to take out some time to relax. You need breaks to re-energize yourself and feel fresh as a daisy. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. A healthy mind will work like a well-oiled machine and you can study methodically every day. This quarantine has allowed us ample time to connect with our family. There is no better therapy than talking to your family. Carve out some time with your beloved family, and you will get your daily dose of motivation. You will be motivated to study well and make them proud of reaching your goals.

With these suggestions strive well and rest well. It is a difficult time, no doubt about it, but keep calm and do your bit. Don’t fret about the outcome, don’t be disheartened and lose your focus on goals. Come out through the barriers with a victory and you’ll have a wonderful story to tell.

Do not panic with the postponement of the exam, make the most of it. Take full advantage of the time you get to prepare better. Do not roam outside the home, keep practising and stay connected with your teachers.

If you are trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I’ve had them: everybody has had them but obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it. Go through it or work around it.”- Michael Jordan.