magical Quadrangle of the consumer decisions

magical Quadrangle of the consumer decisions

The person in the previous embodiments, the basis was formed, was of the homo oeconomicus. This, however, exists only in theory. In reality, man is part of braid as a consumer in a diverse relationship.

Every person has desires and needs products and services to life and Survival. These products he finds in the Form in which he requires – in the nature. For this reason, he must obtain and / or produce.

For this, he used much of his time. With the help of machines, installations and tools people try to take advantage of the natural opportunities are better in and of itself. For this purpose, the Individual is not alone in the situation, so that cooperation and coordination is required. In highly complex industrial societies this division of labour means on the one hand, the advantage of a huge line increase, so that the supply of the people is constantly improving. On the other hand, must be considered in the division of labour to the disadvantage of the strong mutual dependence.

Magisches Viereck der VerbraucherentscheidungenThe daily actions are involved in a complex set of consumer decisions, which can lead to problems. This must, however, be more or less quickly solved. The field within which a budget considerations, and then make decisions, in the Magical Quadrangle of the consumer decisions.

The Text is an excerpt from the book by Walter Theiler

Principles of Economics: micro-Economics … easy to understand

ISBN 978-3-8252-8454-1 (2011)

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