Long as the paper is printed!

Long as the paper is printed!

As long as the paper is printed! This seems to be in the moment, the Motto of the Central banks. Admittedly it is a little evil. Given the existing problems, which were triggered by the global financial crisis, the task of a Central Bank chiefs currently tend to that of a fire brigade to come to man. However, we need to find new solutions. A permanent further increasing the paper money mountain does not bring us out of the danger zone. He relocated them.

The old dogma: “the True values are only used in the production created” appears here as up to date like never before. Only if we boost the economy and real production and value chains build is the opportunity to pull the Excess capital out of the market. Because to a lot of capital, which costs nothing, is causing the lack of incentives and investments, which will be revenge soon. As the development of the interest rate situation in relation to the quantity of money looks like, please refer to the adjacent graph (source: Thomson Reuters).

The specific question for investors and their managers must not, therefore, in the coming years, with what I can earn money, but: How do I get REAL my capital. How do I transfer it to subsequent generations? How can I protect my family and me from the effects of the currently existing problems?

Complex questions, which are not easy to answer.

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Graphic Source: Thomson Reuters