Knowledge. Clever in the lecture.

Knowledge. Clever in the lecture.

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(Press release) If the vacations are inclined to the end, the students working at home with the parents, with the Writing of the house or a part-time job spent, you need to prepare for the new Semester and especially on the new Lectures. Usually, the plan fails however due to a lack of time, Motivation or Material. After the first Lectures, then the great despair. The new fabric will fall on the students, so that you can quickly lose the Overview and the Learning to the testing phase of procrastination. The Stress is inevitable. The new bridge courses of UVK Lucius/utb remedy the situation.

The bridge courses provide students the opportunity to earn your Knowledge of a particular lecture to refresh and with the new terms, methods and ways of thinking. The books there are to Work on the topics of accounting, Finance, statistics, and Scientific. Cross-word puzzles, and Single-Choice Tests help in understanding.

The authors: Dr. Dr. Gerald Pilz is a lecturer at German universities and is the author of numerous books on Finance and stock market topics. Prof. Dr. Jörg Wöltje teaches at the University of Karlsruhe and is the author of a variety of business books. Prof. Dr. Peter von der Lippe has taught at the University of Essen. Angelika Rehborn is a lecturer for Academic Work at institutions of higher education.

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Vorsprung durch Wissen. Clever in der Vorlesung.