Is the head gasket on my Volvo 960 leaking?

Is the head gasket on my Volvo 960 leaking?

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What kind of problems does the Volvo 960 have?

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What is the oxygen sensor code on a Volvo 960?

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Why is my water pump on my Volvo 960 leaking?

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Can a head gasket be replaced on a Volvo 850?

This tutorial on how to replace the head gasket (and the other components involved in the process) on a Volvo 850 is very detailed. The vehicle depicted is a non-turbo 1996 Volvo 850. On a turbo, there may be some things a little different.

When to change timing belt on Volvo 960?

See 960 Timing Belt Changefor important information regarding the timing belt change interval – which varies by model year for the 960 series – as well as the tensioner and idler pulleys which, upon failure, will destroy the belt and the cylinder head at great cost.

Where to find engine number on Volvo 960?

The sixth and seventh character identifies engine model. Engine identification number, located on left side of cylinder block below cylinder head, may be required when ordering replacement parts. Engine Type Code 2.9L (960) ………….

Where are the spark plugs on a Volvo 960?

[Responses: Carlos Torres/Tom Irwin/Warren Bain] The plugs are on the middle of the engine. Remove spark plug access cover. (Black cover on top of engine.) Once you have the black plastic cover off, number the coil packs with a magic marker 1 – 6 front to back so you can correctly replace them.