Is the crankshaft on a Kohler K301 the same as the K341?

Is the crankshaft on a Kohler K301 the same as the K341?

The crankshafts that’s are used in the K301, K321, K341 and K361 engines have the same stroke. The crankshaft in the K321 and K341 Kohler engine, and the K361 Kohler engine are identical (except perhaps for the PTO end). Therefore, they’re balanced the same and can be used in either engine.

How often do you overhaul a Kohler K341 engine?

About a quart every 3 or 4 hours. So, I decided to overhaul it and bought a kit which included a new piston, connecting rod, and valves. Step one was disassembling and cleaning the parts. The engine was much dirtier on the outside than on the inside.

How does Kohler balance the rotating assembly on a single cylinder?

Kohler use the same identical piston in their K341 and K361 engines. Although the connecting rods in these engines are made of different material, they weigh the same. Therefore, the crankshafts are balanced the same. The wrist pin is narrower in the K341 and K361 piston, making them weigh pretty much the same as the K321 piston and wrist pin.

Can you remove the camshaft from a Kohler K341?

Removing the camshaft requires removing the bearing plate, along with the crankshaft. oil pan was one of the easier parts to clean. The front main bearing. these massive ball bearings were in great shape.

How many balance gears does a Kohler Magnum have?

I’ve even seen some 16hp Kohler Magnum engines have three balance gears! Anyway, it seems that Kohler was selective in which engines they put them in. Perhaps they only put them in engines that was installed in a “luxury-type” of garden tractor to help reduce operator discomfort.

How old is the overhaul manual on a Kohler K341?

Since the overhaul manual is about 15 years newer than my engine, maybe they upgraded the bolts. In any event, if your engine has bolts like the one on the left, with the recessed top, don’t torque them to 35. Better to throw them out and buy new ones.

Why are my balance gears on my Kohler tractor breaking?

If the bearings are worn and if the balance gears wobble, they’ll wear the crankshaft gear teeth and they could break, possibly destroying the engine. By the way – you can get the balance gears alignment tool (timing gage) from your local Kohler engine dealer.

What kind of engine does a Kohler K241 have?

MODELS ’ K241/ K301 (10 hP) (12 hp) K321,& K341 (14 hp) operating & maintenance instructions (16 hP) Congratulations – You have selected a fine four-cycle, single cylinder, air-cooled engine. Kohler designs long life strength and on-the-job durability into each engine. . . making a Kohler engine dependable..