Is med school worth the stress?

Is med school worth the stress?

If you do not enjoy sitting around reading, you might be disappointed in a long career that requires studying on a regular basis forever. Medical school is not nearly as stressful as residency, or practice. Medical school is sort of fun, but the worst part is how you feel like an idiot all the time.

What should a personal statement for medicine include?

How Should I Structure my Personal Statement?Why I want to be a doctor (motivation)Work experience (exploration)Volunteering (exploration)Wider Reading and study (exploration)Extracurricular (suitability)Conclusion (motivation)

What makes a good personal statement medical school?

A great personal statement has an emotional impact and “will ‘do’ something, not just ‘say’ something,” Lobo wrote in an email. Admissions officers “read hundreds of essays – so before you begin, think of how yours will stand out, be unique and different,” Lobo suggests.

How long is a personal statement for medical school?

about 1.5 pages

What do medical schools look for?

What are Medical Schools Looking For?Medical schools want students who will excel academically.Medical schools want students who know what they are getting themselves into. Medical schools want students who are motivated by the right reasons. Medical schools want students who will contribute positively to their school.